GTRO: Iselia V.2 Picture



Iselia Emler'arch

Race: Elf
Age: 70
Height: 5'9''
Class: Sage
Pet: Green Petit

Eye: Brown
Hair: Silver

Equipped: Elven Ears, Circlet, Mini Glasses, Encyclopedia, Memory Book (Sheild)
Inventory: Pet Food, Rubber Band, Necklace of Wisdom

Character Overview
An elf aged around 70 in human years, though appears to be no more than 30. Like your typical elderly person, she enjoys the company of children but typically disdains young men. Spending most of her life in Yuno dedicated to study, Iselia is a serious scholar. Despite her stoicism, she is gentle and patient.

She has recently taken a teaching post in a small school room in Prontera, teaching young ones about Rune Midgard's history and mythology, as well as basic adventuring safety and mathematics.

She never seems to use her staff for battle, preferring a more brute method of clobbering monsters with whatever heavy reference book she has in her hand. A Bloody Butterfly card and the Free Cast skill allows her to simultaneously cast spells meanwhile. This tactic was probably born of necessity rather than personal preference, as most of her monster encounters happen while she is on a research excursion.

Because of her studious nature, she does not have many friends other than old colleagues from the Yuno Academy where she graduated. Some of them have died off or cut ties with her in bafflement of her slow aging. Though she does not admit to it, Iselia is a rather lonely person who would be eager to make new acquaintances if she had the opportunity.

Iselia proves useful in party situations with element endowments, bolts, and anti-magic skills, but will hesitate to join a party if the mission does not appeal to her love of research and discovery.

Character Backstory:
To be discovered...

★Iselia was once a faculty member of Kiel's Academy.
☆Iselia's party-pickiness is overridden when it comes to Orc Dungeon sweeps. No one knows if she does this to gather data on the combustibility of certain species... or if she simply enjoys setting orc zombies on fire.

(Yeah, she is a tall lady. Because I like to play as amazons?)

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