Salamangka - Hero and Heroine Picture

My two main characters for my shoot em up game in development : Salamangka. It is actually a revision of my earlier Filipino Mythology/Folktale series.

The male character is an Arbularyo who throws oils, salts and other sorts of herbal remedies at evil spirits. He is also very knowledgeable in spiritual matters and is one of the few remaining supernatural specialists in a rapidly modernizing world. His arsenal includes: a handkerchief which evokes the blinding power of an ancient god, the tail of a stingray, and a good old home-made Adobo. (A Filipino dish that has obscure spiritual abilities)

He also has the ability to fly, because he had blackmailed a wind nymph into letting him use her power. He actually has contacts among the spirits in this same manner.

The female character is a city-born Mambabarang (A witch who specializes in curses) who is actually the daughter in a line of witches. She uses her evil spirit servants (known in Tagalog as Malignos) to do most of her curse work for her, however. If push comes to shove, she has two needles made out of the bones of some dead monster, which can cause pain or kill whatever it is pointed at.

She flies via her Grandmother's rocking chair, since she has no Maligno in her repertoire that can help her fly. (without consequences...)

The game is heavily inspired from Touhou, with enemy characters that include a loli Nuno sa Punso, an amazon Tikbalang girl, and many others... (I'm still thinking some up as we speak.)
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