wonder woman and Batwoman sketch Picture

names: Dianna,(Wonder Woman), Batwoman, Kate Kane.

from: DC Comics


Wonder woman is #1 fav. female character in the Dc universe. Besides certain things like Kingdom Come,(definitely worth checking out) and things she has been in, I didn't actually read her comics. Maybe it had to do with the rapped in rope weakness thing. It wasn't till I had decided to become a avid comic book reader, that started reading more of the New 52 comics.

As far as I'm concerned there was some hits and misses with the new 52, but all in all, it is not that bad at all. Although I had to drop a lot of the comics I had started, Wonder Woman and Batwoman where among the ones I ended up still reading. Wonder Woman's modern take are gods mythology is a entertaining to me while the Batwoman series didn't feel like a batman clone...(tear drop for Batwing. I mean he has his own Alfred for Pete's sake.)

Although I haven't gotten that far yet, I know that they end up teaming up to take down a famous villain of mythology. I thought that was pretty neat so I decided to draw them.

outside of comics I finally watched the pilot episode for the new Wonder Woman Tv show.( you can find it online right now [link])
. Besides 3 particular Especially what happens in the beginning with the family scene that made me literally LOL, the show was...(look away) ok. Hopefully the cw's Amazon will be much better.
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