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myth:Mensa was created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille out of dim Southern Hemisphere stars in honor of Table Mountain, a South African mountain. Although the stars of Mensa do not feature in any ancient mythology, the mountain it is named after has a rich mythology. Called "Tafelberg" in Dutch and German, the mesa has two neighboring mountains called "Devil's Peak" and "Lion's Head". Table Mountain features in the mythology of the Cape of Good Hope, notorious for its storms—the explorer Bartolomeu Dias saw the mesa as a mythical anvil for storms. Another myth relating to its dangers comes from Sinbad the Sailor, an Arabic folk hero who saw the mountain as a magnet pulling his ships to the bottom of the sea.[1]

my newest senshi of the mensa constellation her powers are rock based and she can generate fissures and earthquakes even trap her foes in living stone she calls the stone immortal her senshi powers were transfered to her by her mother who was often a guardian of earth spacial planets like our earth for example and no that doesnt make her a mary sue for she doesnt live on earth. she lives on a planet called gala which is a lush planet filled with exotic animals and alien creatures as for her civilian life she's a huntress named sei'ra where her gods have gifted her with the power of earthly sense which allows her to sense all life on her planet and even those of other earthly planets to tell whether or not if a plant and living creature is going to die and she uses her power of healing a techinque she learned from her mother which comes in a form of a song from a flute she also uses as a weapon to stun her foes and finishes them with her specially designed spear. sei'ra personally hails from her being a strong warrior and a gentle healer caring only for the weak and cares not for the malicious. she fights to defend her village and her people as she is a current heir of her people. she knows not of the wilds of the modern world so when she does visit the earth to reclaim whats hers. she is often bewildered and scared like a kitten when she sees something like a truck or a tv thinking of them only as demons as she does use her powers to destroy things and as far as trusting others she's abit slow to know another's culture and language like caveman or rather amazon slow cuz she does know how the modern world work.



powers:earthly sense and gift of healing

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