Daughter of Scythia Picture

This piece sprang from a desire to draw an Amazon warrior woman as she might have actually appeared: with a few artistic embellishments, of course!

It seems that fighting women among the Scythians (An equestrian nomad people of Indo-European stock) are the most likely candidate for the original Amazons. I drew this accordingly: using an illustration by the late great Angus McBride as primary reference.

Textures courtesy of CG Textures. Background photo is from Wikimedia Commons; authored by the user Yakudza ([link]). It depicts a bay of the Crimean penninsula, a region where the Scythians would have dwelt and adventuring Greeks would certainly have interacted with them.

Special thanks to my mate Joel for making a 3D-model to aid me in drawing the sword.

The Amazon woman herself, without the background or ambience, can be found in my Scraps section.
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