Professor Damiano Infierno Fact Sheet Picture

Damiano Infierno

Alias: Professor Inferno, Facist Inferno, Dr Inferno
Alignment: Villian

Born: July 5, 1903
Place of Birth: Potenza Italy
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 192 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Occupation: Astronomy, Archeology, Mythology, Chemist, Theorist, historian, Villain

Damiano Infierno was born in Damiano Infierno Italy as an only child. His father was murdered by Sicillian Mafiaosa in 1913 for being late with a payment on a loan. The trauma of the incident fueled a hatred for the Mafia as well as a belief in a Facist totalitarian government. He would show a great interest in Astromy following the Tunguska incident in 1908, as well was fascinated with nature and science. In the 1920's he would follow in the footsteps of Robert Goddard and help design several propellant type ballistic for the military. None used until 1941 after the start of World War II.

He was considered bright, yet passionate in his beleifs, and critical of other scientist from ideological differences to race and cultural differences. He had a somewhat admiration hatred for Patrick Noir. he saw him as a dversary that coud be dangerous as he couldn't accept he wasn't as impassionate and greedy like most field archeologist. Their first meeting was in 1931 at a symposium on the Tunguska incident where Professor Infierno believed a simuar event could of occured in 1892 when an object was sighted in Western Brazil. Yet after several expeditions into the Amazon, no one ever found was crashed. He believe it could of been part of the weapon that fell to earth in 1908, and could lead to someone obtaining power to control the world. Most considered this a mad raving , except Benito Mussolini who in 1936 authorized an expedition consisting of Professor Infierno and a small naval detachment to follow Patrick Noir, and retrieve any reavent findings from the site.

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Since the Amazon expedition, Infierno has considered Patrick Noir, as well as Amazonia his sworn enemy. From 1937-1942 he made numerous attempts to destroy both of them. After Italy fell he became a wanted man globally and retreated to South America for a time. He would resurface in 1953 after Amazonia willingly went to jail. He used this time to develop a weapon to finally defeat her. It wasn't until 1957 he had a chance to destroy her, but failed.

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