Aquatic Magical Girl Picture

So hey, it's another one of those "loosely based on the Justice League" magical girls, and this time the inspiration comes from... Aquaman. I... Don't think I need to make a rant about how Aquaman is a colossal badass and how people should just forget the Superfriends version, right? I think it's just a bit in-joke to make fun of his "uselessness", really, when everyone knows the truth of how awesome he is by now.

Anyways... So as the gills imply, this one comes from under the sea ('cause darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me). Most likely Atlantis, which in this case is probably closer to Japan than it really should be but oh well. She... Might be half-mermaid too, despite the fact that that makes no sense whatsoever seeing how my mermaids work but oh well, there we go. Due to being adapted to living on the seabed, she's pretty buff, and incredibly strong and durable. Her transformation device and primary weapon is her trident, which apparently belonged to Neptune (yes, I know the Amazon one calls the gods by their Greek names and Neptune is his Roman name; again, intentionally not bothering with mythological accuracy here); it allows her to summon and control sea creatures, as well as control water. And... Yes, she can breathe underwater and swim really fast.

Original lineart and base colours by me, lineart fixups by
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