Backer Book Paintings Picture

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who took advantage of yesterday's promo! Thank you all!

Now, these book pics.
I couldn't scan them without risking overbending the spines, so I had to photograph them. Not ideal, but you get the gist...

These are the paintings in the front of the hardcopies for some of the very kind and supportive (and patient!) backers. The ones of Lamb were slightly more complex due to her simplistic design. There's only so much you can do with a white cat.

Top row - Juke, middle row - Kiki, bottom row - Lamb.

Done in artist's fineliner pens and watercolour paints. By applying in slow, dry-ish layers, the pages of the book don't buckle too badly. They just sorta wrinkle, but these books weigh just shy of a kilo so they can flatten themselves out quite nicely.

But for now, I am all done and can make a proper restart on this plush book milarky. I was hoping to get it done before christmas, and while that MAAAAAY still be a possibility, it looks likely to be the new year for that now. Pity, but can't be helped.
It will still happen though, peeps, it will.

The Naiad Chronicles, Lamb, Kiki and Juke (c) to Elizabeth-Rose Best
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