Penthesilea Perth Picture

A few weeks ago, I found out about a species of bird called the Rainbow Lorikeet. It instantly became one of my favorite animals because of its rainbow plumage. I don't tend to like birds and before now the only bird I've ever taken a liking to is the peacock. But the Rainbow Lorikeet is just so bright and colorful that I can't help but love it! It definitely has something to do with my rainbow obsession. x3

Anyway, last night I got bored and decided to peruse the newest adoptables on deviantart. I am SO GLAD I did. Because I found this absolutely gorgeous, splendid, beautiful creature. It's a cross between a Rainbow Lorikeet and a Jaguar. She is so awesome!

I've decided to name her Penthesilea Perth. Penthesilea is the name of an Amazon queen in Greek mythology. Jaguars come from the Amazon Rainforest. I don't think the Amazons from Greek mythology came from the Rainforest, but whatever! I chose Perth as the second part of her name because there's apparently a small colony of Rainbow Lorikeets near Perth in Australia, which is where the Rainbow Lorikeet comes from.

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