Ori - The Gladiatrix Picture

"The Gladiatrix"

A former Amazon Queen turned captive Gladiatrix to a corrupt Roman Emperor. In order to save the remnants of her people, she must first save herself...

A fairly recent character of mine. I'm a little bit in love with her at the time being, and one day I would like to flesh out a grand, epic and wildly entertaining story about her quest for freedom and taking Roman Imperial ass. XD Never did care much for those Romans...

She doesn't have a name yet, poor thing, but she has a decent backstory in the works. She's a veteran warrior and was once the Queen of the last known Amazon tribe in an alternate Ancient History world. She was revered and respected. So much so, she inadvertently threatened the corrupt leaders of the Roman Empire, and they sought to conquer and destroy the Amazons. After a bravely-led last stand, the Amazons were scattered or killed, and the Queen herself was enslaved and forced to become a Gladiatrix in the ring. There, she vows to fight her way to freedom and save the remnants of her people while kicking Roman ass and taking revenge on ruthless men who destroyed her way of life... XD Very fun.

I actually came up with the Gladiatrix while concepting and researching a character for my Game Character Modeling class several months ago, and she's been firmly stuck in my head ever since, because I got so attached to her. Instead of having some buxom bikini-babe type of character, I opted for a one-breasted, battle-scarred veteran warrior, roughly thirty years of age or so, and very much in the prime of her life. She's no submissive beauty nor is she some kind of fetish-bait. (Rather, she's not meant to be; she'd rather stab those perverts in the face.) An Amazon background made sense, since in mythology, the Amazons were warriors who cut or burned off a breast to allow for combat practicality, and were feared among men for their prowess. Background was also loosely based off the Ancient Celtic Queen, Boudica, who organized a resistances against the Romans and nearly won the war against them. Badass. XD

Materials: Photoshop CS2
Music: Variety of things

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