Tyrranux Universe Wonder Woman Picture

Tabitha St. Germain (Luna)

The very idea of an artificial being is nothing new, since the time of Olympus the concept of bio engineered entities has been ever prescent. Some of these entities are made by man, others made by the Gods themselves.

Crafted from a technological metal forged by Hephaestus himself, embued with a divine soul nurtured in and retrieved from the Cavern of Souls. Given the combined strength and abilities of Demeter, Aphrodite, Artimis, Hestia, Hermes and of course her patrion goddess Athena. Raised and trained for battle by Queen Hippolyta and the invincible Amazons of Themyscira. By all accounts she is the perfect humanoid weapon, her loyalty was to Olympus, her purpose...war.

And in the beginning she was a perfect soldier, the Gods say sing she said name that tune. They said annihilate, no army before her was left standing, there were no survivors. But as her life as Olympus' literal angel of death continued to stain her hands, her foster mother Hippolyta grew more heart broken that the child she was given only knew war, and with the help of the vigilante Gods Odin and his son Thor she sought to end Diana's warbound existence and give her a new life that Olympus would not give her. And through much trial and sacrifice, Diana was finally gifted with her humanity and evolved from a mere weapon to a true champion of justice, a spirit of truth.

This naturally brought about the wrath of Olympus. Hoping to spare her daughter of such wrath Hippolyta and her loyal Amazons sent Diana away Odin and Thor, willing to take the full punishment. But that did not satisfy the Olympians, there was nowhere safe for Diana, and so the warriors of Valhalla were left with no choice but to send her into the future to a time where Olympus no longer stood over all........thanks to a miscalulation she was sent too far...

And so here she is, the 20th century, a time where the only Gods to be found are just as mortal as man. Here she has found a new life as the hero known as "Wonder Woman", fighting alongside new comrades like the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. And stranger still she finds even Thor among the worlds modern heroes. It is quite a unique time, an era where a hero is no longer defined by the blood she spills in battle but by the elements of harmony and virtue she upholds and enforces, needless to say she likes it much better here.


Man was this picture a pain in the ass to draw, the breasts were too big and the hips were too wide for most of the drawing process. And of course it was difficult getting those tattoos to show up without just darkening the lines completely, and in case you're wondering yes those tattoos are in fact her iconic braclets now integrated into her arms altogether. Why? So that she doesn't have to wear bracelets to deflect bullets with her arms.

And on a random note I prefer Wonder to have gold in her costume as opposed to silver, I don't hate the silver costume but somehoew it looks a bit off for me regarding the character.

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