Wonder Woman - Golden Age Picture

After her dazzling debut in the winter of 1941, Wonder Woman received her very own starring role in the pages of "Sensational Comics." It was here that Wonder Woman battled throngs of enemies in her quest to rid the world of evil and bring about the ideals of love and peace to Man's World.

The Golden Age Wonder Woman was a strong ally to the United States during their efforts to defeat the Nazis in World War II. She faced off against the likes of Doctor Poison, a Japanese spy, and Baroness Paula von Gunther, a nefarious Nazi who served as Wonder Woman's primary nemesis. Her Rogues Gallery was diverse and featured villains such as Giganta, Queen Clea, Eviless, and Doctor Psycho. However, no enemy would be as famous as the woman known as Cheetah. Once a privileged socialite, Priscilla Rich was driven to the brink of insanity when she was upstaged by Wonder Woman at a charity event. Developing a split personality, she began committing crimes dressed in a catsuit and using the name "Cheetah." Of course, Diana would also duke it out with several mythological baddies -- most notably Mars and his generals.

On the personal front, Wonder Woman fell madly and deeply in love with Steve Trevor. Her secret identity as Diana Prince allowed her intimate access to Steve's life and she worked beside him day-by-day. However, Steve was disinterested in the Plain Jane Diana and longed to be with the Amazing Amazon that was Wonder Woman. Besides Steve, Diana also had allies in the form of Etta Candy and a sorority from Holiday College. Inspired by Wonder Woman's zest for life and empowering ideals, Etta and the Holiday Girls accompanied Diana on many adventures. Wherever Diana was, you could be sure Etta would be leading the calvary with her battle cry "Woo! Woo!"

In her Wonder Woman guise, Diana wore a one-piece suit that featured a crimson bodice with a gold eagle emblazoned on her chest. The suit also had blue shorts, which had a pattern of white stars on it. She accessorized this with a white belt, a gold tiara, red earrings, red boots with a white stripe, and her distinctive bracelets. Of course, Diana's accessories all had unique properties and abilities. With her tiara, Diana could communicate with her mother on Paradise Island by hooking it up to a machine (guess who Professor X copied THAT from
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