Elemental Seal, Fire, Color Picture

Within the mythology of Forever Twilight lay the Elemental Seals. Each seal contains the body of one of the Ancient Eight that was cast off during the epic battle against Malum.

The seal is about 6' in diameter and bears its power to the chosen one who touches it. The one bestowed with the power of an elemental seal is given two blessings.

The first blessing bestows armor upon the wearer that gives a boost of power along with certain protections. The second gift is a full transformation that channels the very essence of the fallen Ancient.

Kitsuo Mateus, known as The Phoenix, was the ancient Amazon warrior of fire. In order to continue the battle with Malum, Kitsu Mateus cast off her body to utilize her full potential. Her body fell to the world in the form of this relic. Exalted by the goddess Piteous, this elemental seal harnesses the very essence of blazing passion.

The armor bestowed upon the chosen one by this seal blesses the wearer with the power to wield the fiercest of flames, the passion to make every strike as strong as the first, and the ability to nullify fire-based magic. When the true power within this relic is summoned, the wearer transforms into a being that epitomizes The Phoenix and Piteous’s gift; the Avatar of Fire. The Avatar of Fire has the power to change the flow of magma deep underground, command the most volatile of volcanoes, and absorb fire-based magic.

Linework: Pencil + Ink (~6 hours)
Color: Photshop CS2 (~8 hours)
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