BUJ BookCover new Cover 2014 Picture

Please spread the work.
Finally finished got around to getting my book published after too many years.
Here is the cover and a blurb.
It is for sale on Amazon and the paperback will be available sometime this week.
If you have the other formats - Smashwords offers it in epub, mobi, and all the other formats.
The paperback will be $8.99 when it's available.

When you have unlimited power and everyone wants the secrets to obtaining it, John Smythe is the person not to go to. He hasn't a clue how he became, nor what he's doing. A comedy of errors takes John Smythe on an adventure he'll never forget, as he discovers that the Ancient world of mythology isn't all that ancient.
John, a man of honor and trust, goes along with everything that is occurring about him. Armed with little more than a mind filled with factual data, a scientific mind, and a tenancy to faint when things aren't right, he'll manage to find himself, his true nature, and the love of music.

$2.99 Amazon www.amazon.com/dp/B00RBB5V82
$2.99 Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/books/view/…

The Book is back up on Amazon and Smashwords after a good editing, and proofing.
I even have a review on the Amazon page. Five STARS - and NO I don't know the reviewer.

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