The Year of the Horse is Coming Picture

Wait a minute, that's my browsing history!

Lunar New Year happened early this year, although we won't celebrate it locally until next weekend. I'll do a real pic when I have the time, in the meanwhile, here's this. The comic parts are all recycled, but when my Amazon popped up looking like this I knew I had to use it for something.

Incidentally, mǎ miàn or Horse-Face (Mezu in Japanese) is a lieutenant to Yama, king of the underworld in Chinese mythology. He is, as his name suggests, a demon with the head of a horse. So Miyuki may be up to something here more clever than it appears at a glance. Or possibly not, the horse head mask has a fine tradition elsewhere in the world as well.

Other instances where Akiko has gone on the internet and something odd has happened as a result (and all the instances of me reusing these panels):

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