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Megan Williams had always been fasinated by Norse Mythology and while on an expedition to Norway stumbled across a shrine to the wolf god Fenrir. Upon investigating the shrine with her team she found an alter with an amulet in the middle of it in the shape of a wolf's head. Feeling a strange connection to it, she reached out and placed it around her neck.

As soon as she did, a brillaint light filled the room and she was transformed into a feral ceature that lashed out and attacked and eat her own commrades. She then went out and used her new heightened strength, senses and claws to hunt down a real wolf pack and take on it's alpha female to become the new head of the clan. To truely show her dominance she skinned the wolf and wears it's hide as a cloak.

After a few years of hunting in the wild, Megan came to her senses enough to return to her hometown of Dead Heat, Arizona to show all those who laughed at her "stupid quest" just how wrong they were. She had taken the name Wolfen at this point and planned on tracking all of her tormentors down one-by-one but that plan was changed when she ran into the city's newest resident, and superhero, Battle Vixen.

The amulet's powers actually made Wolfen a match for the Amazon and her wolf pack gave her a distinct advantage. Just as it seemed Wolfen would win the fight, Stephanie Travors snuck up behind the feral woman and managed to yank the amulet off her neck. With her power gone, her wolves abandoned her and she was easily taken down by Battle Vixen.

Though seperated from the amulet, Megan can still hear it calling out to her and she knows it's only a matter of time until they are reunite and Wolfen is once again on the prowl.

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