Wonder Girl Picture

Donna Troy was created as an almost identical replicate of Princess Diana of Themyscira. The sorceress Magala mirrored Diana and the outcome was Donna Troy, made to be a playmate for the young Princess.

As the two of them grew up, their personalities followed different roads. As true daughter of Hippolyta, Diana was forced to be more of a woman and stay out of fighting, although it did not go down well in the end. Donna however had no such boundaries and fought every hour of every day, using the powers from the Gods and all-around skills.

But Donna didn't end up leaving Paradise Island like Diana, she stayed as a warrior to protect the land and keep her mother safe. It was only until 'Wonder Woman' needed help defeating an angry mythological demon that Donna left Paradise Island. She took up the name of 'Wonder Girl' and with her help, they defeated the demon. But the life of a heroine was one that Donna found to like, and ended up staying there from then on.

Now, she fights alone in no definite location, spreading the image of the Amazons around.

- Donna Troy.
- Wonder Girl.

Credit to Bailey2088.
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