Coco - Pokemon Trainer Picture

I... can't remember whether I've posted this before... I swore I did but.. its not int he gallery.. meh, wouldn't be the first time Coco was removed, but this time I have it covered.

If anyone doesn't remember Coco, I've included my custom sprite for her down in the corner. And yes, I am loving the bold outline style, for the last time, stop bugging me, bleh xP


Coco is, like many, an aspiring trainer with dreams of being a master. Her rolemodel is Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh, possibly the best of all champions. But she doesn't only look up to her heroine's pokemon prowess, but dreams of becoming a mythological research along with her.

Coco is from a small island away from the coast of Sinnoh and has the carefree attitude of the standard beach native. Her main pokemon is Gardevoir, named Orihime, which she has grown up with since they were both little. Currently she is traveling about Sinnoh, training as she examines ancient ruins.


Coco's favorite color, appearently, is puple, and dresses in all shades of it. Her name comes from the color of her hair, somewhat resembling the color of the insides of a coconut. Currently, she is my tallest character, hitting around around 5'10", Tia being 4'6", which is quite a difference. It was neccesary to show that she is very human and gives her more of an amazon height to compliment her island native natural tan and personality.

I can't really say why i choose to put a PremierBall in her hand rather than the standard pokeball, just thought it went with the outfit more. this might be an old design soon though, because I am enjoying the ranger outfit on PokemonBattleRevolution, heheh.

I'll do a full pokemon team list soon as I'm still deciding on the 6th member to be a permanent part of the team.

Have any questions, please ask.

Coco (c) me
PremierBall and Pokeball designs (c) Pokemon & Nintendo
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