Legends of Eiden, Mara Thorn Picture

Character copyright, Mara Thorn: J.Fredrickson (me)

Finally... I cannot begin to stress to you how relieved I am to have this character's concept complete. I've been mulling over her design for ages. Mostly due to the fact that, for better or worse, she largely represents the look of and entire people and not merely just herself. Namely, the Amazon race. Now, I'm doing my utmost to steer clear of the vast majority of greek mythology when it comes to my world and the creatures in it, because frankly, with sagas like God of War and the like it has been thoroughly beat to death. Therefore, I intend to focus more upon traditional western and asian mythos, with the Amazons being one one of the few notable exceptions... And fear not, even they are receiving a heavy refitting, in a rather Franzetta-esque fashion. more to the fact that her race are warrior dessert dwellers who ride upon giant reptilian steeds. I'll have to do a close-up of her sword at some point.

... I promise to start concept work on some of the men soon as well. And apparently, Fur, belts, and metal rings are all the fashion rage on Eiden. As I seem to incorporate them into my clothing concepts quite frequently.
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