Wonder Woman Redesign Picture

Another (badly done) redesign of Wondy, based on Greek hoplite armor. Because there aren't enough. Modernizing Wonder Woman, feh! Going old school's the right thing in my opinion. Mythology, Amazons, legend, antiquity, and lots and lots of bondage.


Tiara based on the statue Diana of Versailles because I couldn't resist.

The leather parts of her skirt are supposed to be dyed blue, but it came out looking a little more purple-ish than I would've liked. Oh well. Wondy is supposed to be a princess, so purple's fitting. I also added dents to her arm guards before realizing that there is nothing in the universe that could harm Wondy's braces (that's the pointof them, after all). Does her armor look bronze enough? It was hard finding a good bronze color.

Wonder Woman aka Diana of Themyscira (Themiscyra?) belongs to DC Comics, even though they took away her perfectly good and unique origin story to make her the daughter of Zeus for no good reason except "everyone has a father." Because since when has magic and myth and being born solely from the power and love of a woman ever been important parts of Wonder Woman, amirite? She will always be born of clay and Hippolyta's love in my heart. Rant over.
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