Wonder Woman - The Mod Era Picture

With sales dwindling on Wonder Woman's title, DC Comics knew they had to do something drastic in order to draw in readers. The result was Wonder Woman's boldest direction to date and continues to be one of her most iconic eras.

When Steve Trevor is apparently killed, Wonder Woman is wracked with guilt and sorrow. Before she can begin her quest to find Steve's killer, she is called back home to Paradise Island. She is informed that the Amazons are leaving the mortal plane in order to restore their magicks. Given her present circumstances, Diana opts to stay on the mortal plane. This decision left her without her Amazon gifts and temporarily stripped her of her identity as Wonder Woman.

To compensate for her lack of powers, Diana trained rigorously under the tutelage of the martial arts master I-Ching. She honed her fighting abilities to their peak and went off on her journey to avenge Steve's death, with I-Ching following along as her companion. In the course of her adventures, she encountered the dastardly femme fatale known as Doctor Cyber. Over the course of several encounters, Diana would best Cyber in battle and this eventually resulted in the disfiguration of Cyber's once-beautiful face. This led to Cyber declaring a life-long hatred for the Amazing Amazon. Other notable moments during this era included a team-up between Diana and Catwoman as well as a battle against the witch known as Morgana.

The mod era continues to be one that fans look back at as both interesting and puzzling. Though not faithful to her mythology, this time was fascinating and thrilling. It is personally one of my favourite time periods for Wonder Woman's title. The art at the time was stunning and the stories were better than they'd ever been. Of course, having been born decades after these stories were published I happened to read these all as back issues and in trade paperback form. I'd highly suggest this era as essential reading material for the character. You (probably) won't regret it.

When Wonder Woman renounced her powers, she stopped using her Wonder Woman identity to fight crime. This meant that she no longer wore the star-spangled get-up. Instead, she opted for a series of absolutely fabulous and stylish mod outfits. The look on the left was one of the earliest looks she wore. It was a chic green mini-dress with matching thigh-hi boots. For the first few months of this time period, Diana's costumes were fairly colourful. However, after a while all her outfits shifted to being all-white (or white and black). This left Diana with a VERY distinct look. Her most famous outfit from this era is seen on the right. It is a black shirt paired with white pants and a matching white jacket. The one consistent element aside from her signature white outfits was her hairstyle. She wore it in a ponytail with wisps that came down by her cheekbones.

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