Mayauel Character Sheet Picture

Mayauel, the character from which the perspective of Zazaniltin is told from mostly, is a very young Quetzalcoatl dragon living in South America's Amazon at the time just before the great ancient meso-American civilizations arose. She tags along behind the 'Tezcatlipocas' (four other older dragons) not as part of their group but, like a young sister or brother, simply enjoying hanging out with the big kids. In human terms, she's around 4 or 5 years of age and thus has a very simple and colorful view of the world. The jade crystal, which she keeps by her side at all times, is lucky and spawns many adventures (for instance, rolling on a jaguar's tail by accident causing a rioteous pursuit through the jungle). Maya has a conservative personality, she is rarely happy or excited, but always pleasant to be around. Her wings are not yet fully developed, they still need to gain length, breadth, and Maya herself needs to grow more feathers. The only feathers she does have are at the tip of her tail, her wings, and the edges of her ears.
Mayauel is based off the Goddess of love, cactus, agave, and alcohol of Aztecan mythology.
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