Zeus Squad Picture

The last bit of concept art for the sixth chapter of Tyrantis's Saga.

From left to right:
Tyrantis- the green T.rex, our story's star, bla bla bla, shown for size comparison (he's the size of Showa Godzilla).

Nemean Lion- the big lion (duh). Like all of the non-green monsters on this page, the Nemean lion was made by Pantheon with a strain of virus developed from the one that gave Tyrantis his powers. He lives with Chimera and Sphinx in the first room of Pantheon's actual laboratory.

Chimera- the bat winged, shake bodies, goat legged, lion furred flying monster. Chimera is a mix of snake, lion, goat, bat, and scorpion genes (its mythological counterpart was a less mixed hybrid of a lion, snake and goat: its front half was a lion's, its back a goats, its tail a serpent (head at the tip), and it had both a lion and goat head).

Sphinx- a mix of bat, ape, human, and lion DNA, the Sphinx does not tell riddles like its mythological counterpart. It does, however, eat people, so it's not completely different from its counterpart.

Hippolyta: the giant woman in Greek armor. Hippolyta is my homage to the 50 foot woman (a movie I've never seen). She's the smartest "monster" under Pantheon's control, and has been trying to escape their labs for far longer than Tyrantis. She is named after the leader of the Amazons, a mythological tribe of warrior women.

Zeus- the holy freaking schnitzel it's gigantic! sized eagle. Zeus is actually made from a thunderbird, a species of eagle who rivaled pterosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus in size (a thunderbird is a cryptid species, like Big Foot or Nessie). Pantheon took this already freakishly large eagle and made it even larger. Zeus's animal avatar was actually an eagle, believe it or not, and he was also the god of thunder and lightening. Thus, in addition to this Zeus's regeneration and increased size and intellect, it can generate lightning bolts from its wings.
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