The Hyena Queen - Cover Picture

Okay, that's kinda a historical moment: The first step for my comic is done: the cover!

Guess how much work it was. It took me ages, to get a good idea for that picture. After sketching it, many months passed, because I really liked the sketch and was afraid to fail in colouring. The sunset turned out as the biggest challenge. Gosh, it was very hard to manage all the colour gradients!
But now it's done and yeah, I'm kinda satisfied with the result.

Now to the comic pages. I already drew the first one, I still have to edit this a bit in Photoshop. The comic pages will not be coloured. There's just too little time to do that, besides I would be demotivated soon, because the colouring means too much work for me.

And the story in itself? Perhaps you will see some similarities to other stories, movies etc. and you maybe would think: "But I know that scene from XYZ!" Please consider that similarities appear in a lot of stories, books etc. and that it's not my intention to copy something. I want to create an own story about hyenas to show them how they live, how they hunt, how they interact with clan members, rivalling hyenas and other predators. I watched several documentaries about hyenas and studied the animals and their behaviour - the biggest inspirations are "Hyena Queen" from Kim Wolhuter and "Naabi - A hyena princess".
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