Camilla Gomez Picture

Camilla Gomez
Age: ate 20's listed 28
Height 5'11"
Build: Voluptuous
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tanned

Temperament: Charming, Thoughtful, very thorough. She is friendly although stays to herself, some what shy if not outwardly cautious. She can be violent, carries a Lady Smith & Weston at all time. Deadly with a blade, and spear (and shaft tool is a weapon to her). Shares a love for adventure as well an admiration for Patrick Noir.

Physical Abilities: Believed raised by native Indian tribes in the Amazon, she possesses numerous traits of strength, enhance sense of hearing, vision, and smell. She also has a high constitution as well.

Sexuality: Heterosexual her past is littered with many suitors. Seeks a relationship with Patrick Noir but is afraid to make him aware of this.

Her story:
1908 The cargo ship Atalaia Negron sank in the Amazon river near the Jurua River mouth. It is believed there were a few survivors from the crew and passenger listed of 22. Although it's not certain how long they survived. It is believed Camilla was an infant on the boat, and was rescued by native Indians. They would teach her how to survive in the Amazon. It's not known why, but in 1917 she was given to a passing ship, which two passengers Dr Pablo and Milena Gomez would take the child back to Macapa. She was listed as the only known survivor to the sinking of the Atalaia Negron.

Upon her discovery it was also noted that Camilla was indeed inter-sexed at birth. This was down played by the media, and never released to the public outside of Brazil. She would fit in well with society although she had a fear of people in general, and choose to spend her time with animals. It is this factor that help her choose a career in zoological, and veterinary.
Her being a female limited her in her chosen professions in Brazil, so in 1930 she took a boat back down the Amazon River, and never returned. In 1936, while studying Army Ants she ran into Patrick Noir who was also exploring the Amazon in search of the Amazonian tribe that raised Camilla. Camilla went in protective mode to mislead him, but Patrick saw through her actions, and found the tribe. To his discovery, the tribe itself was indeed Inter-sexed leading him to believe he had indeed found the true mythological Amazons of South America. But his discovery meant he had to die to keep their secret. It was Camilla that lobbied with the Queen to spare his life, and that she would go with him and forever serve as his Personal assistant to make sure he told no one of their discovery.

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