Wonder Woman - The George Perez Era Picture

In 1987, DC Comics relaunched Wonder Woman's title with a revamped origin and a new creative team. Helmed by the artistic powerhouse George Perez, Wonder Woman's stories were now fresh and modern while still respecting the mythology she came from. Under Perez's careful watch, the Amazing Amazon would grow to become one of the best characters DC Comics had and her title would feature some of the greatest stories ever told in comics.

Princess Diana was the only daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the monarch of the isolated nation of Themyscira. She was crafted from clay and given gifts by the Greek goddesses. As she reached adulthood, Diana's life changed forever. The God of War set his sights on creating an all-out war on Earth, relishing in the creation of nuclear weapons. Recognizing this threat, the Amazons were charged with sending a champion into Man's World to stop Ares. A contest was held to name such a champion and the victor of the competition ended up being Diana. From there, Diana set out into Man's World where she would face off against Ares' children and minions. In the end, she managed to stop Ares by showing him that his actions would cease all life on Earth and doing so would make him powerless.

Dubbed Wonder Woman by the press, Diana decided to stay in Man's World. She was taken in by the history professor Julia Kapatelis and lived in her Boston home along with Julia's teenage daughter Vanessa. During this time, Diana would be put to the test facing off against numerous threats. From the menace of the Cheetah to the machinations of the sinister Circe, the hero known as Wonder Woman triumphed each and every time.

Perez was a master of storytelling and told some of the most amazing tales imaginable. One of the most epic story lines featured Wonder Woman traveling to Africa to reclaim her lasso after the Cheetah had stolen it. This resulted in the discovery of the hidden Amazon nation of Bana-Mighdall. These Amazons were modern warriors who were ruthless and blood-thirsty. This MASSIVE eight-part epic saw the introduction of the Banas, as well as the true origin of the Cheetah. Another major arc involved Themyscira being opened up to a group of international representatives with the goal of showing the Amazon culture to the masses. This peaceful assembly would turn deadly when the Goddess of Discord decided to show up. She nearly destroyed the Amazons' reputation and nearly destroyed Themyscira. However, Perez's magnum opus would be the Wonder Woman event known as "War of the Gods." Long before events had become the norm, DC Comics granted Wonder Woman a crossover that spanned several issues and served as Perez's swan song on the title. This epic featured the Greek and Roman Gods doing battle against one another, as well as the Americans turning against the Amazons. As it would be revealed, it was all part of Circe's plan to destroy Wonder Woman and Themyscira. In the end, Circe would be defeated but not without consequences. Hermes, Diana's long-time friend, was murdered by Circe, while Diana had been temporarily reverted back to clay.

Even though he'd written many epics during his time on the title, George Perez also dealt with sobering subjects that were extremely mature and uncommon in most mainstream comics. Early on, he dealt with the death of Wonder Woman's dear friend and publicist Myndi Mayer. Her death was caused due to an overdose and it served as a tragic reminder of just how vulnerable humans can be. Another storyline featured the suicide of Vanessa Kapatelis' friend Lucy Spears. This tragedy would mark Vanessa and really change the trajectory of the character. Both events also shaped Diana and tempered her to the harsh realities of Man's World.

When George Perez came on as co-plotter and penciller for Wonder Woman's reboot, he also redesigned her costume. He took elements from the look she'd been sporting prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths and revamped it to look more appropriate to the tone of the new book. The double-W crest stayed, but was made smaller and more rounded. Her tiara and belt were now given two points, while her bracelets were enlarged and made silver. For the first time in decades, Wonder Woman was FINALLY given flats. Even though it seemed like a small detail, it marked a shift in the practicality of the character. Another major detail that changed was her hair. Prior to this, Diana's hair was subject to the trend's established on Man's World. This time around, she was given a mane of curls that suited her Grecian heritage. Perez also drew the character with a more Mediterranean visage. It's important to note that Diana's costume was also given a new explanation. By and large, most people had been puzzled by the star-spangled costume given the character's Amazon heritage. This time around, the costume was designed as a tribute to Diana Rockwell Trevor. Diana Trevor was a pilot who crash-landed on Themyscira and gave her life in a desperate battle to save the island from the invading forces of the Underworld. To show their respect for this fallen hero, the Amazons crafted the star-spangled costume based on the American flag that had been worn by Diana Trevor. Subsequently, Queen Hippolyta named her daughter after her. Fun fact.
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