Penthesileia Picture

Just a small drawing of Penthesileia, the lineart for this had been on Tumblr for a while and I thought I'd finish it. Also I'm sorry for not being very active, I'm working hard on something very important that I'll reveal soon and with it comes an onslaught of art, including the chibis I've been previewing on Tumblr (and the Tumblr-dump), so bear with me!

(Mythology background: Penthesileia was the Homeric daughter of Ares and queen of the Amazons who accidentally killed her sister during a hunt. She wanted to die but Amazon laws do not permit suicide so she led the Amazons into the Trojan war instead, hoping to get killed in battle. Her wish came true when Achilles shish-kebabbed her. This would be way before then, at her court. I imagine she'd wear armour 24/7, becase she's a bamf, and wearing her dress like this would tell any visitor that she is, indeed, a bamf, and not to try anything. She might be wearing a dress, but she's still ever-ready for a fight.)

Art (c) ~TheDutchesse

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