WW-Amazon Picture

Here's a doodle of DC Comics' Wonder Woman in a more Amazonian outfit.

Since DC Comics is having yet ANOTHER "reboot" of their "universe(s)", I figured I'd try another redesign of her garb. With more people complaining of Wonder Woman's attire (showing "too much flesh"), I pondered what her design would be, and decided to focus a bit more on her Greco-Roman roots, especially since she tends to deal with a lot of magic & mythological beings/entities/monsters. Giving her a Roman breastplate & dress/tunic, a (Greek?) gladiator's "sleeve" guard, and mix of some of the "modern" - namely her silver bracelets & thigh-high armored boots - I think this version of her managed to fit her better, while covering her up a bit more too.

Also looking at her, one can see she's also quite a bit "more buff", for which I always figured her to be a more physically powerful character, whereas some magical items (like her tiara, for example) only magnify her naturally trained abilities
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