Contest - FINAL - *Mythology*AmazonWarrior Picture

Model->Юлия Ивлева-Чаплий
MUA->Анастасия Склярова
Inspired by->Amazons (race of woman warriors)

The Story-> Amazons were warrior
women's tribe who lived in Asia, or on the banks of Meotida.
According to the legend, the Amazons were highly trained in using the bow & arrows, a small two-way battle ax (Labrys), a short sword and a light shield. Armor and helmets amazons produced themselves. They perfectly wield weapons, fought alongside men, they were known for their steadfastness and militancy. They conquered new lands, had no pity and sympathy.
did not respect men , and therefore lived far away from them. If Amazon woman gave a birth to a boy - he was killed immideately. In rare cases, was given to his father and had to leave the tribe. These women - are perfect example of matriarchy where women's leading role is obvious.
It is known that since the 600 century BC in Athens, the women didn't have right to vote. In many states, for example, in Sparta, women were viewed as simply doing household things, raising children. In addition, girls born in Sparta was not very happy, preference was given to boys as they could become good soldiers.
Perhaps this is what has become a kind of impulse to the birth of the Amazon race - the independent, self-sufficient, strong and fearless women, who wanted to participate in the battles, voting on an equal basis with men. Soon after the first mention of the Amazons, it became clear that not only men are able to stand up for their country, this can also be done by well-trained, physically healthy women.

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