Auriga Picture

For me, having goat related characters is MANDATORY. So yes, this is Agirua Capell, based on the Auriga constellation. Capella is the brightest star in Auriga, and is associated with the mythological she-goat Amalthea. Thus, goat lusus and goat horns.

Agirua is auspistice to Kalhai and Hercel. She makes sure they stay in their quadrant, hating each other non-platonically, and preventing Hercel from making a cheating hate-whore of himself.

She has a psychic ability that pacifies violent trolls, which helps Kalhai from getting the crap beat out of him by Hercel. Agirua's moirail is also a violent subjugglator she keeps in check, BUT WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET INTO THAT RIGHT NOW.

Name: Agirua Capell (Auriga backwards, Capella is brightest star in Auriga constellation)
Age: 6 sweeps
Trolltag: peacefulCharioteer
Color: Gold (hue 50)
Typing quirk: Types all D's like ID or ][D (depending on font used). Vowels will break that sound like "ee", "eh" or "ah". Example: "Nice to me-e-e-et you! My name is Agirua-a-a." Giggling looks like "He-e-e-e-e-e-e!"
Personality: Perky, spontaneous, silly
Symbol: Auriga constellation symbol
Strife specibi: Whipkind
Lusus: Small goat
Psychic ability: Can pacify violent trolls (strong enough to affect highbloods and sea dwellers)
Hobbies: Growing rare and exotic plants, baking (she sucks at it), reading classic literature
Hive: Lowblood farm hive, has lots of dangerous plants growing around which she tends to, decorates hive with a "southern country" style.
Sylladex fetch modus: ?

Matesprit: Unknown
Moirail: Unknown subjugglator
Kismesis: None
Auspistice: None
Auspistice to: Hercel and Kalhai, and probably many others
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