Arsixis World Map Picture

Hey look! A new map!
This one is for my second world, Arsixis, sister world to Lumeria.
Where Lumeria was designed to hold my fantasy stories such as "Amaravati" and "Maelstrom", Arsixis is designed for science fiction and science fantasies. This is the map to look at if you're reading "Angel Wings," "Ice and Shadows," or any of my other 'modern' stories.

Read on if you're interested in the countries and capital cities named on the map.

Alcyone: This northern country is almost empty of human life, and most of the humans who actually live here reside in the capital, Dome. Dome is a domed (no, really?) city surrounded by wastelands and it seems almost apocalyptic in its smog, low standard of living, and distinctive class system. The people here are taught from a young age that to leave Dome is certain death in the wastes, but some believe that the membrane surrounding them is less to keep them safe but to keep them penned in.
This is the setting of my first attempt at a novel (which I'm now re-writing), "Red Raven." Yes, it was named for the Greek myth.
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