Alkonost Picture

I don’t have a favorite mythological beast, so I researched until I found one I especially liked: an alkonost. I decided to give her the brilliantly hued body of a kingfisher.

She sits, waiting to sing for the next errant soul who passes her perch.

From Wikipedia:

The alkonost is, according to Russian mythos and folklore, a creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman. It makes sounds that are amazingly beautiful, and those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again. She lives in the underworld with her counterpart, the siren. The alkonost lays her eggs on a beach then rolls them into the sea. When the eggs hatch a thunderstorm sets in and the sea becomes so rough it is impassible. The name of the alkonost came from a Greek demigoddess, Alcyone. In Greek mythology, the gods transform Alcyone into a kingfisher.

This is for day 3 of 7 Days Drawing Challenge by 365-DaysOfDoodles.

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