Cyneric Picture

Finally I got his ref up. :3 This guy was bought from *sateenkaarisitruuna and I simply adore him to bits.
He is open to breeding, but only to amazing stock. >D

I am also very satisfied with this picture, and the character I made for him in overall.

Name: Cyneric Alcyone [Cyneric is an Anglo-Saxon name that translates to “royal power”, while Alcyone is a character from Greek mythology, meaning “kingfisher”]
Nickname: Usually called by his given name Cyneric, but also referred to as Alec and Prince.
Age: Exact age unknown, but somewhere around 5 years. [young adult]
Breed: National Show Horse-like build, but belongs to a breed of tropical merhorse
Sex: Stallion
Height: 149cm [14.7 hands]

Abilities: Can breathe both on land and underwater. Great swimmer.

Color: Bright blue with light and dark blue stripe markings and large patterns of yellow-red gradient. Mane and tail are heavy and braided, following the color scheme of the body with blues, yellows and reds. He has red eyes and orange hooves. The bones are removable accessories with red decorating.

Personality: Cyneric is a romantic at heart. He is a kind of naïve, energetic and fun-loving guy who loves to be noticed. Alec is a witty, sarcastic boy with a heart of gold, but his young age means he sometimes ends up doing stupid things he’ll regret later. When it comes to mares, Cyneric is ridiculously quick to fall for someone, and turns into a blabbering moron that tries to impress the girl at every turn. He is very easy to get along with, and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself too. Alec does, however, have some little quirks and weird expectations towards others – these come from his culture and the fact that he is considered royalty back at home.

History: Cyneric was born in an underwater kingdom of merhorse, stretching into a coral reef and the surrounding sea. He carries the name Alcyone, from her mother, the reigning queen of the kingdom. Being a royal, Alec never had to be without anything in his youth. His days were spent mostly by playing with fishes and collecting beautiful objects from the seafloor. But like all the young males in his culture, when he turned four, he had to take on the quest of adulthood. As prince, Alec was expected to fight and defeat a shark, and construct his quest armor from its bone. With cunning and careful usage of traps Cyneric succeeded, and was then ordered to leave the kingdom. He is not able to return unless he brings with him a worthy mate to continue the royal lineage.

Open for stud: Yes, but extremely limited and picky.
Passable traits: Blue coloring [100%], tropical fish-inspired markings [80%], heavy, multicolored mane and/or tail [60%], some kind of frills [40%] and ability to breath underwater [10%]

Design by *sateenkaarisitruuna
Art and character by me.
Ref [link] by *almondjoyy5
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