KAS- Heldrix Picture

NAME: Heldrix
ALIASES: Scientist King #6
FACTION(S): Scientist Kings
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil

HEIGHT- 46 meters
LENGTH- 80 meters
WEIGHT- 43,000 tons

ENIGMA CRYSTAL MUTANT BIRTHING LAB- Heldrix's greatest power is his ability to create crystal spires from underground enigma sources. The spires can quickly spread and cover a large amount of land. Inside the spires, enigma mutants grow. When they are strong enough, they will break free from the crystals. Although the spires need enigma to grow, the mutants also need the nutrients from the ground. Because of this, land can be made permanently sterile if the mutants succeed in developing. The crystals themselves are strong enough to withstand most attacks.
ENIGMA SABER AND CANNON- The growths on Heldrix’s arms contain enigma force. Using this enigma, Heldrix can create blades to slash with, or fire a simple blast of enigma. Heldrix prefers the sabers.
TELEPATHY- Like all the Scientist Kings, Heldrix can communicate across long distances. He is even able to communicate from the Enigma Zone to Earth, and vice versa.
TAIL STINGER- Surprisingly, the most dangerous ability Heldrix has isn’t enigma manipulation. The stinger on his tail is the real threat when facing him. The stinger delivers a venom that quickly paralyzes any victim. This leaves them wide open for his enigma sabers. Inorganic kaiju are protected from the venom due to their nature.

CHEST- Heldrix has a weaker chest than most kaiju. His chest actually caves in a little. Because of this, his vitals are closer to his chest than most kaiju. Hitting him in the chest would cause him more pain than it would to most kaiju.
LEGS- Though strong, Heldrix’s legs can also be a structural weak spot. Dislocating just one leg sets Heldrix greatly off balance.
UNARMORED SKIN- Though his legs, arms, and the tip of his tail are armored, the rest of his body is not. His skin is not really any weaker than an average kaiju, but it is still a much better target than the armored parts.

Of the Scientist Kings, it could be said that Heldrix is the most anxious. He has waited a long time for the chance to invade Earth, and he wasn’t exactly happy the Scientist Kings had waited for so long that kaiju had reappeared on Earth. In the Scientist Kings defense, they did have things the Enigma Zone to deal with at the time. Despite some dissatisfaction with the most senior kings, Heldrix is completely loyal to the groups causes.

Heldrix cares very little for other life forms. To him, they are nothing but tools to be used and discarded when they have fulfilled their purpose. Perhaps it is best for him that he holds this philosophy. When he recognizes foes as actual enemies instead of just obstacles, he can cause problems for himself.

However, there is one exception to his philosophy, his minions. Heldrix is basically a father to the mutants, and he acts like it. He names each mutant and can instantly recognize each individual. He is visibly saddened when they are killed, but ultimately, he knows he can get more children.

By the end of the year 20X1, the whole world knew something big was about to happen in Europe. For months now, monsters from Greek Mythology had been awakening all across the Mediterranean. The threat that loomed over the area had drawn the kaiju to it. They were getting ready for the greatest battle of their lives. But this is not the story of that battle. This is the story of an enemy that has only begun its assault on Earth.

All was quiet in Hardangervidda National Park. The tourists visiting Norway’s largest national park had left for the night. But in the middle of the night, a strange green light broke the silence of the forest. People who saw it from a far distance thought the glow was of the Aurora Borealis. If only they had been correct.

Something started to emerge from the light. A huge green creature stood where the glow once was. The kaiju scanned the landscape and dug his toes into the ground. He could feel it, a great source of enigma lied beneath this plateau. This was the perfect place for his plans. The kaiju raised its arms and roared. The ground began to shake as a green, crystalline spire poked from it. Soon the spire started to spread across the land.

The next morning the whole world focused on the awakening of Typhoon and its following rampage. However, a few did notice what was taking place in Norway. Hardangervidda National Park was completely covered in a humongous fortress of green crystal. Military efforts to destroy the crystal castle had failed to even make a scratch. Mankind could only watch as the structure continued to grow. A few humans began to notice what looked like liquid inside the crystal. Some could swear that they saw something growing in the crystal as well. The only thing officials could do now was move onlookers away.

The crystal fortress gazed down at the unclaimed landscape, more spires continuing to jut out from the central spire. It appeared to have grown large enough for kaiju to enter inside of it. The onlookers felt hopeless as they watched, until they caught sight of something flying in the distance. A two-headed, red beast was headed for them. Before the citadel, Mekbuda landed. His two faces glared at the monstrosity in front of him.

While Mekbuda was trying to destroy the crystal fortress, Azurex, Ziggard, and Ajax were out in the middle of the Norwegian Sea. The three kaiju were heading south to join the kaiju that were fighting Typhoon in Southern Europe. Azurex was leading the other two when he stopped. The dinosaur turned towards the east and gave a low growl.
"What is it lizard? Is something heading our way?" Ajax asked.
"No, it's something else. Can't you feel it Ajax? Out east, it feels like some great force has been torn from the ground," Ziggard said.
"A great force? Enigma Force!" Ajax concluded.
Before the two could say anything else, Azurex began swimming east towards the great force.

Two laser beams slammed into the face of a spire. The blue beam's explosion caused a crack in the crystal's face while the red beam had burned the crystal around the crack. Before Mekbuda could celebrate from this small success, the crystal's wound was covered by a new growth. Mekbuda slammed a fist into the tower, failing to make even a scratch. He knew the creature responsible for the crystal fortress, and he knew it was near. He was sure that the one behind this was also a member of the faction that had imprisoned him years ago.
"Come out Scientist King! I will not tolerate the injustice you have done to this land!" Mekbuda shouted through his telepathy.
The gargantuan central spire began to glow as a large ledge extended out from it. A huge hole opened up and kaiju walked out of it. Mekbuda recognized the four-legged, green kaiju.
"Heldrix!" He yelled.
The Scientist King looked down at his challenger. After a quick, expressionless glance, he looked over how much his crystal had grown. His mouth curled upwards.
"Remember me Heldrix?" Mekbuda shouted. From his eyes he fired one red and one blue laser beam at Heldrix. As the beams raced towards him, Heldrix created a saber from his arm cannon. With one stroke he destroyed both beams. He then extended a saber on his other arm as Mekbuda flew towards.
"No." Heldrix answered.
Mekbuda collided with the scientist, knocking both of the spire's ledge. Mekbuda quickly used his powers of levitation to slow himself, while the falling Heldrix manipulated the crystal to grow and catch him. The Scientist King then launched two enigma blasts at Mekbuda. Turning left, Mekbuda dodged one of the blasts, but was struck by the other. Swirling in midair, Mekbuda stopped himself with telekinesis. He then turned that same power on Heldrix. The green invader found himself rising above his ledge, then slammed into the base crystals. The damaged crystal repaired itself as Heldrix rose. His formerly blank expression turned to one of ire. Furiously, he fired multiple enigma blasts at Mekbuda while manipulating the crystal spires. Mekbuda found every direction blocked by a green pillar. He turned to fire his optic lasers back, but he was to late. Five blasts slammed into Mekbuda, sending him crashing into the ground.

Heldrix moved towards his fallen foe, a saber already drawn. Mekbuda's right head rose to fire its laser only to be stopped by a slash from Heldrix. The severed head fell to the ground. Heldrix turned to the still-attached head.
“How do you know me, creature?” Heldrix inquired.
“You and the others imprisoned me! Don’t you remember?” Mekbuda growled.
“The Scientist Kings have imprisoned many. I can not be expected to remember everyone.” Heldrix lazily replied.
“You...you will for the crimes you have committed today and for your whole life. You and the other Scientist Kings will be cast back into the darkness whence you came. I will be your judge, jury, and executioner” Mekbuda pledged.
“You?” Heldrix laughed. “That’s quite a big boast coming from such a crippled creature. With just one more attack I can kill you. And once your out of the way, nothing will stop me from completing my mission,” Heldrix triumphantly bragged.
“Mission?” Mekbuda asked.
“Yes, my mission. You may not know this, but at the moment all the kaiju in Europe are taking part in a fierce struggle against the super-kaiju Typhoon. With all of them distracted, now is the perfect time for the Scientist Kings to begin our plan. You see, this crystal fortress is more than that. It is my laboratory! Right beneath your feet my children are taking form! This crystal fortress extracts the enigma from the ground, leaving all the nutrients for my children! In a few hours they will have sucked the land dry and be ready to attack! The weakened kaiju in Europe won’t stand a chance against this onslaught!” Heldrix said with increasing fervor.
Heldrix raised his arm to deliver the final blow. Swiftly, he sliced Mekbuda’s remaining head off. Heldrix began to laugh in triumph.
“Victory is ours! Soon the whole world will be our Petri dish!” Heldrix roared.

Before he could do more, Heldrix was struck by a small energy blast. Startled, he turned to see three new foes.
“Sorry “king” but not every kaiju in Europe is off fighting Typhoon!” Ziggard yelled.
Heldrix growled to himself and prepared to attack. Suddenly, Mekbuda’s two heads rose into the air and fired their optic lasers at Heldrix. The invader was knocked back into a spire.
“How are you still alive?!” Heldrix cried.
“You of all creatures should know that not all life has such simple biology,” Mekbuda smiled.
Mekbuda’s heads reattached themselves as Ziggard, Ajax, and Azurex ran up to join him.
“You thought you were so close to victory Heldrix. You had no idea that I’ve been playing you all along. Before you knocked me out of the air I felt the presence of these three. Telepathically I told them my plan to extract information from you. You may not remember me, but I remember everything about you!” Mekbuda explained.
Enraged at Mekbuda’s gambit, Heldrix lunged his tail at Mekbuda. Mekbuda prepared himself for the sting, only to hear Heldrix let out a great howl. The tip of Heldrix’s tail fell to the ground with Ajax standing before it. The golem had shown surprising speed and had cut Heldrix’s tail off. Ajax then grabbed the remainder of Heldrix’s tail and threw the kaiju into a distant spire. When Heldrix got back up, he saw Ziggard standing before him with blue ball of energy in his hand.
“One last thing, Heldrix. As you so helpfully explained, the enigma isn’t being used by your growing children. The enigma is what powers the crystals creation. And since crystal isn’t alive, that it means it can’t say no to me borrowing a little Enigma Force. SOUL FLASH!” Ziggard roared as he threw the blinding blue ball of enigma at Heldrix.
Heldrix fired two shots at the blast, but they instantly dissolved in its glow. Ziggard’s ultimate attack zoomed through the air and collided with Heldrix. The resulting explosion ripped through the crystal fortress and covered all of the national park in a blinding light. Heldrix’s screams faded away as the crystal fortress and the growing mutants dissolved in the power of the Soul Flash.

When the light faded, Mekbuda, Ajax, Azurex, and Ziggard stood victorious over the restored park. Their was no trace of the formation that had covered it mere minutes ago. Heldrix too was gone. After their brief moment of peace, Azurex roared to the south. The other 3 kaiju were reminded of the fierce battle taking place in Southern Europe.

At The Same Time As Typhoon’s Rampage- A strange crystal formation appears over Hardangervidda National Park. Mekbuda arrives at the formation to discover that it is the work of the 6th Scientist King, Heldrix. With the help of Ziggard, Azurex, and Ajax, Mekbuda defeats Heldrix and restores the park.


Here is Heldrix, the first of the Scientist Kings. I was going to have the battle last longer, but I decided to let it end with the good guys completely outsmarting the bad guy. Heldrix himself is a redesign of the Martian from the D. Rex series. His name is a combination of Helix and Eldritch.

Also before you ask, he's not dead.
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