Cassandra Picture

So... We had a project in english/Mythology class, and that is to perform the characters given to us.
After the performances, we also had the photo shoot which is in collab with our computer project.
I was given the character, Psyche and it was pretty fun performing her character. The photoshoot was also the best!

So I thought, Why not make a cartoonized version of how everyone sees their character?
I ended up interviewing my classmates and their PoV of their characters..
I started to draw them! I hope you enjoy!

-Another girl that Apollo fell in love with
-Apollo gave her the power to see the future
-She refused to be with Apollo
-He cursed her so that no one would ever believe her
-She was raped by Ajax (Hence, why I drew her clothes like that)
-She was turned into a concubine by the Greeks.
-(It's quite ironic why I colored her background and clothing the colors of the sun... Well, there's quite a meaning to that :3 )
-She saw the future of Troy falling and losing
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