Time Tunnel Reboot Picture

I was rewatching the old TV show The Time Tunnel by Irwin Allen this morning and thought, why hasn't this been rebooted successfully and why don't more scifi and Time Travel show enthusiasts know about it? Sure, it was a very rough American Knockoff of Doctor WHO( Don't you deny it!) but it has a charm and wicked mad potential if done properly. So this is my Casting for the Reboot of The Time Tunnel.

Concept: Out in the desert of the Southwestern United States, The secret Government experiment "Project Tic Toc" is hidden bellow the surface, out of sight from prying eyes under Area 51. For the last 50 years scientists have been working in secret on Tic Toc with little to no success. The Government wants to develop Time Travel before another country does. A breakthrough occurs and Time Travel is achieved. Doctors Doug Phillips, Tony Newman and Ann MacGregor are checking their final readings when Russian Spy, Raul Nimon, who had been working as an Engineer on Tic Toc attempts to sabotage the Time Tunnel. The Time Tunnel is the Time Machine that Project Tic Toc had been building for 50 years. The Sabotage backfires and all four people are sucked into another time. The four were coated in tachyons that can be tracked throughout time and allow the four to be recalled back to their home time by the the Time Tunnel, but no one knows how to do it. Raul is randomly thrown from one Time to another and attempts to alter history. The others at Tic Toc have limited control over where Doug, Ann and Tony end up. There is also subtle hints of an extra terrestrial intelligence trying to control mankind's history for some unknown, but sinister purpose.

Jerry O'Connell - Dr. Doug Phillips. Doug was one of the two time travelers from the original series and is one again. He's a very serious scientist working for Project Tic Toc. Doug is cool headed and an amateur historian. Doug enjoys fine culture and plays the violin. Doug is a Theoretical Physicist.

Michael Ealy- Dr. Tony Newman. Tony was also from the original. Tony has only been with the Tic Toc crew for a couple weeks. A bit of a ladies man with a good heart. He's a dreamer when it comes to science and was chosen by Doug personally as his replacement on the project. The two actually get along very well with each other, but butt heads on survival. Tony is also an admirer of western art and avid comic book fan and collector of classic science fiction literature. Tony is a Particle Physicist.

Malin Ackerman- Dr. Ann MacGregor. In the original Ann just pushed buttons and acted worried a lot. In the reboot she's along for the ride. Ann was the one who made the initial breakthrough that made Time Travel actually feasible. Incredibly brave and intelligent, she keeps Tony and Doug from getting into too much trouble. She was a former battlefield medic and unlike Doug, who is only an amateur historian, she has a masters degree in world history. Ann is a big fan of Soccer(Football) Ann is a Theoretical Physicist.

Ben Browder- Lt. Gen. Heywood Kirk. Like in the original, Kirk is the head of Project Tic Toc. A Career Air Force officer and former Astronaut, unlike most military types around, he's in the project for the science. He generally cares about the welfare of those under him and understands science is sometimes slow. Making his impatient superiors frustrated at the Projects progress at times under his command. Kirk is a boy at heart and I'd like to see his office desk have toy dinosaurs sitting on it. His father died in a car accident when he was 15 after an argument and never had a chance to say he didn't mean what he said. Time Travel is important to him and I'd like to think he would have a Flux Capacitor Replica in his office or even a model deLorean. He'll also have posters of Old B-Movies with a Poster for the original Time Machine Movie behind his chair. He often must deal with government officials and other military types trying to shut down Tic Toc for various reasons. He's close friends with Dr. Ramona Swain.

Alfre Woodard- Dr. Ramona Swain. Unlike the original, Dr. Swain is a woman. I've felt that their aren't enough women on tv in the sciences. Swain is the lead scientist on Tic Toc and arrived around the time Kirk did. She's suffering from the Loss of her children who died during Hurricane Katrina. She's the only one left in Project Tic Toc who can find a way to bring back Tony, Doug and Ann. She's been keeping her terminal brain tumor a secret from the Committee in charge of Tic Toc with the aid of Kirk. She's an amateur botanist.

Clea DuVall- Dr. Jane Darren. An original character, Jane takes over the duties Ann had in the original series. She's trying to hide the fact she and Raul had been having an affair for fear she could be implicated in the sabotage. She believes another Spy may be somewhere in Tic Toc from various conversations she overheard with Raul. She hopes to find them before something worse happens. She is an army brat, having been raised on various military bases. She, Kirk and Swain often must deal with external forces trying to undermine Tic Toc, Like Government officials, Spies and Her own Father, whom she hasn't spoken to in years.

Nick Stahl- Raul Nimon. Raul was a one shot villain in the original series played by Robert Duvall , but I thought he should be a recurring nemesis for the Time Travelers. He's as sinister as they come. He's actually not a Russian, he's just working for them. He's a fascist who seeks to change history the way he sees it and that includes Russia as well. He often uses his future knowledge in various attempts at the altering of history. He's discovered a way to trigger the tachyons using something he was given by an unknown faction.

Gillian Anderson- Sen. Lisa Thompson. Another original character, She's one of the Senators on the Committee for Project Tic Toc. She wants to shut down funding for the Project. She may also be secretly working with the same unknown faction that Raul is also working for. She has aspirations of becoming president and is corrupt as they come. She smiles and calls you friend to your face, but stabs you in the back the moment she is able. I also wanted her to be a recurring villain. Perhaps she was the one who requested Raul be assigned to the project to begin with....

Kyle MacLachlan- Lt. Gen. Robert Darren. An original Character, but far more complex than a recurring villain. Darren is the estranged Father to Jane, and wants command of Project Tic Toc. He has a strong dislike for Kirk and sees Time Travel as a weapon to use against America's enemies. He has formed an unlikely alliance with Senator Hashira. He wants nothing more for the project to succeed, but not as a policing tool the way Kirk wants it. He sees the Travelers as assets and is willing to sacrifice their lives if need be. I see him as an unlikable character at first, someone you're not sure can be trusted, eventually starts to come around to the lighter side of the force so to speak. I see his Office, which is on the surface of Area 51 to have an army tank in a location similar to where Kirk has his deLorean, and Posters of Old War Movies, with the Patton poster behind him. He was once a Test Pilot for the Air Force.

George Takei- Senator Hosato Hashira. an Original Character, He's on the Committee for Project Tic Toc and wants to keep the Project running. He's mysterious and like Darren, you're not sure if you can trust him. He has his own agenda and plays political chess with Sen. Thompson. His last name gives him away as a character. Which in Japanese means Pillar or support. Perhaps he's working for someone from another time.

I like the Idea of the Unknown Alien Intelligence to be some kind of Lovecraftian horror that is slowly revealed over the course of the series. It's not obvious at first, but elements of Lovecraftian horror begin to creep in and Humanity will become endangered.

I see two Lovecraft Monsters becoming recurring enemies in the series, they won't show up immediately, but they are working for the Intelligence. The Mi-Go and The Deep Ones. Also, various characters in time will be working for the Intelligence. Perhaps Rasputin And Heinrich Himmler.

Steampunk would at some point become a factor as the Travellers encounter anachronistic technology or foes working for various factions that have access to Time Travel. I like the Idea of historical adventures where sci fi elements are not a major factor with the exception of the Travellers Themselves. At some point the Tic Toc crew are going to have to get the Travellers vaccines for all the nasty diseases they wouldn't be immune to. Women and people of colour didn't have an easy time in history, so those are gonna be good starting points for stories. Stories where the travellers are tempted to change history. Stories set in the future will be unique. As the future is in flux and Alternate Futures exist depending on the changing events of the past. Sometimes the future Earths are recurring themselves. One possible future the Travellers could end up a few times is the future as envisioned by H.G. Wells, Where two species of humans have evolved, similar to The Morlocks and the Eloi.

The Factions I am talking about are other civilizations with Time Travel Technology trying to either invade the present or make sure their futures are secured. I see the three traditional "aliens" UFO enthusiasts claim to see as these factions. The Greys, the Reptillians and the Nordics. The Greys and the Nordics are two possible futures millions of years from now in the middle of a cold war with each other.

The Greys are the faction Raul and Sen. Thompson are working for. The Greys are based on the future Bee People from the Original series, or at least their society is. They have modelled their civilization on The extinct Bee society. With drones and workers bred for a single purpose, no individuals and all are androgynous. They are ruled by a Queen which is a hyper intelligent A.I. whom the Greys are solely dependent on. Their future is a toxic wasteland filled with horrible creatures that evolved over the few million years. They seek to create Hybrids of past humans and themselves to help ensure their future comes to pass. Greys will sometimes show up as adversaries for the travellers as well as their Hybrids. Greys themselves won't show up at all in the present, but the Hybrids will. The Greys are unaware of the Lovecraftian Intelligence.

The Nordics are from a much more pleasant and Utopian future where even the new breeds of animals aren't too horrible. The Nordics, like the Greys, are creating similar Hybrids themselves for the same Purpose. Sen. Hashira is working for them. They have a very open society and have developed a symbiotic relationship with their A.I. which are numerous. Like the Greys they are Androgynous. Nordics will sometimes show up, but never in the present. Only their Hybrids.

The Morlock and Eloi like future is actually the turning point in the Greys and Nordics evolution. The Morlock like race could evolve into the Greys and the Eloi like race could Evolve into the Nordics, but this won't be obvious at first. Both species would be fairly primitive and unrecognizable as Greys or Nordics. Nordic hybrids can be found in mythologies of many cultures as various prophets or demi-gods. Jesus would have been a Nordic hybrid. The Nordics are also aware of the Lovecraftian intelligence and are looking for a way to fight it.

The Reptilians are a third faction and recurring foes both the Travellers and the Tic Toc crew. Reptilians are an advanced civilization from 65 million years ago. They know that the world will become uninhabitable for them soon and seek to invade the future and enslave humanity. They use surgery to disguise themselves and hide agents throughout human history, manipulating the various governments and whatnot. They even send invading forces into the human future at times. Many human myths of evil serpents are actually the Reptilians. Reptilians sometimes experiment with DNA creating Chimera. These monsters serve as attack dogs or for keeping pockets of humans in history under thumb.

To me, civilization is nothing New, I doubt we were the first, and something tells me we won't be the last. So the travellers ending up in a Past unknown Human Civilization that has achieved 18th or 19th century levels of development 50,000 years ago could and should happen. Maybe even a civilization with bronze age levels of information 20,000 years ago. Woolly Mammoths as domesticated working animals. The possibilities are limitless. I also don't believe humans were always stupid, then suddenly 10,000 years ago we discover farming and create civilization. I believe we are in a constant state of civilization death and rebirth.

Other countries in the present may have also developed Time Tunnels of their own, or have abandoned them when they lost someone. Soviet or Nazi Equivalents to the Travellers could become recurring foes or even alternate versions of Themselves could become antagonists in stories. There could be times when the Travellers are in a position to sabotage another nations time travel experiments.

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