Pyotr Mikhailevich Romavitch Picture

Name: Pyotr Mikhailevich Romavitch

Nickname: Russian, Pooter Romatomatoes, Mr. Vodka, Magic Man

Title: The Siberian Sentinel

Age: 30 <---- Age way off on Profile

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 195 Lbs.

Race: Human

Unit: Warrior

Rank: Major

: Battle Theme(s): Immaculate Pledge (Soul Caliber - IV)

Weapon(s): Having now retired the whip that has been passed down through his family, Pyotr now relies on his Crystal Claymore, a large, two handed blade he received after the Reaper's escaped the Tower of Discord. It's weapon appears to be made of a clear, sky blue gem, and its hilt is a a metallic cyan with a hand guard. Due to his decapitation, Pyotr has learned to wield the blade with one hand despite it's size, though he cannot wait to be able to better control the blade with two hands. Notably, the crystal sword reacts and allows the mage to conjure and amplify magic through it's blade.

Other weapons include:

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