Technotlifon, Almacian Diety of the Cities Picture


Technotlifon is the Almacian God of the Cities. He is also generally seen as an Order God, a Trading God, and Chief of the Gods, but only by outsiders. He is actually the weakest member of the Pantheon. He has strong connotations with laws and other city-minded things.

Years and years ago, Technotlifon was a tribal chieftain, and he was the first who brought his tribe to Godhome. By this point, most of the gods lived again. Except for one, the God of the Cities. If that god was to reappear, Almac would achieve its full potential, and the life and culture of Almac could truly begin once again. Technotlifon was chosen to be the man who became a god, by fate and fortune, if nothing else. He took his place as a prideful being, and under his guidance, the city of Godhome remerged, as a spearhead of the new emergence.

Technotlifon’s greatest strength is in his cities. He is an expert planner and can perform a variety of abilities, though none are as near impressive or as powerful as the other deities. His greatest weakness is his refusal to compromise and his habit of sticking to tradition. He also has the power of miracles, to alter reality. He dabbles in this perhaps a bit too much, given his lack of power, but he does believe miracle use should be restricted to a minimum. As a general rule, he is very conservative, but does also to wish a strong economic force in the cities.

His relationships with other gods are decent. He is a big stick-in-the-mud. Though he is, strictly speaking, the newest of the gods, he appears as the oldest, and tries to use his age as a trump, though it does not count at all. He maintains a good relationship with Kintolka and Doroxocobo. Those three are considered to be the Civilization Pantheon, because Kintolka is the warriors, Doroxocobo is the work force, and Technotlifon represents the merchants and the priests, considered the most civilized by northerners. He doesn’t really work well with Auktolb-Si, because Auktolb-Si is very much in a different mind about things. Skirutl does not work well with him, because he reminds her of everything she ran away from. He despises Xotachil, because Xotachil is the criminal’s god, and Alzcarax, for her abominable behavior.


Technotlifon, also known as “what was his name again?”, in el fine form. I’m actually writing the text weeks, maybe months before a picture occurs, but I can tell you write now (heh), that Technotlifon was a pain to draw. I ended up overhauling him, and, as of moment of typing, Techy is being very hard to think up a good picture for.

*Many Months Later*

I ended up going with the original picture, as I felt that that was best for representing this chap. This isn't as complete as I wanted, but I am unsure how to complete it. I myself am not a complete artist, and most likely never will be. Anywho, if my math is correct, there are only 3 deities left before the pantheon is wrapped up, and then....Then I have no clue. Still, expect the next deities to be Maxucatl and Yvano.

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