Collin Fauberario Picture

Full Name: Salvation/ Collin Vinci Fauberario
Race and Gender: Sentinel Elf (Nephil) M
Classification: Universalist, Cardiovore
Age, DOB, and POB: 29 (7th Month, 1st Moon of 6th Day, 11096th Year [Post World Split]) (Autumn Island, Angel Archipelago, Spiritual
Other Titles: Black Lamb of God, God's Wrath, the 5th Horseman, The Second Messiah, Namuh, Judgment
Collin is not your stereotypical manga/anime hero. Unlike his fellow protagonists of other series, Collin has an unrivaled dark side. He is what is known as the "Namuh." As such, he is a member of a Cindin race born from the womb of a woman who is not his mother as the second Messiah (see "the Revelation of John"). He is born, not only to the wrong family, but in the wrong generation and (more than likely) the wrong world. Of course, Collin drew the cards that stated he would also be born to racist humans with a deep seated hatred for their Cindin adversaries, not to mention the local Priest's family. For the majority of his childhood, every human despised him and he was one insult away from slaughtering every human on the island! That is, until he met the young girl known as Cecilia. One afternoon later, Cecilia brought him home to her mother, who also turned out to be a Cindin disguising herself as a human! That very evening, Miss "Giovanna" adopted the boy, giving him the much needed love of a mother.
By his 14th birthday, Collin was a much loved member of his new family and self taught in several forms of combat and creative arts, as well as self educated to rival even the most intelligent of Cindins. On his 16th birthday, he also hatched a young, black dragon he named "Nidhogg" (after his favorite dragon amongst all mythology). He also befriended 6 other girls, all of which fell head over heels for the handsome young man. However, this would be his last day on the island for a long time! Collin's father, the local priest, accused him of harassing and mistreating the 7 girls, including his adopted mother, at which every human who would believe the false prophet ran him from the island on a tiny wooden boat in the middle of a storm!
Awaking from a deep sleep, Collin's first sight is the face of another Cindin! A lady by the name "Chiharu" who heard the boy out. Realizing what he was, Chiharu offered the boy training amongst other Cindins under her tutelage on "Curtias" Island. In 2 years, Collin's skills far surpassed even Chiharu's, who caused him to leave the island due to unknown circumstances. His first move was to return to Autumn Island and confront his father, who was more than prepared for his son's second coming! After destroying the false church that defiled Collin's religion, he went on to enact vengeance on his father, who had captured a demon's heart and attached it to a suit of armor that he sent to attack Collin! Failing to slay his father, Collin ran this time on the back of Nidhogg. Yet again, Collin wakes up on an unfamiliar island. This time, no one is present to wake him and he must explore the island on his own, leaving Nidhogg peacefully sleeping on the beach.
Upon the island, he comes across a steep rock wall which he proceeds to climb. Once atop, he feels a strange calling to peek over the edge of the cliff to see a young Royalion woman bathing in the pool bellow, who literally knocks him unconscious with her beauty! Once he awakens, he finds himself at the edge of the pool, with the previously mentioned girl begging him to wake up! Once he finally does, her cheeks turned bright red and she quickly lost any cool she may have had! Within another 2 years, a second round of severe training, and preventing an unappealing arranged marriage, The girl named Baryl had become Collin's wife.
[Events of the Game "Spiritual" Occur] Now, 18 years old, Collin discovers a large plot encircled around the genocide of Cindin kind through unknown methods at the hands of his father. Collin's quest is now to hunt down the leaders of this plan, enact vengeance upon his father, and take his place as Messiah of his Multi-universal faith! [End of Event Preview]
[Events of the Anime "Spiritual" Occur] 11 years have passed since the events of Collin's war against his father and other demonic forces, and he has lived in pure peace with his wife. However, Collin's genetic uncle "Azreal" contacts him and requests his presence in the city of Necropolis in the sands of the Marrow Desert. Their, Azreal has founded an academy known as "Salvation Institutes" after Collin's second oldest male relative and Azreal's original nephew. Here, young Cardiovores, like Collin, are trained in the ways of demon hunting and prevention.
The Cardiovores first appeared during he "Grigori Wars" of Earth (pre-Noah's Flood Event) and the "Nephilim Wars" of Cindolintoe (Pre-World Split). They were mortals blessed with the ability to derive power from the Hearts of Demons and assist their Angelic Allies against the Demonic hoards. However, the descendants of these Cardiovores took to eating the hearts of mortals to sate their hunger. As time went on, many Cardiovores flooded both Earth and Cindolintoe alike, waring with members of the opposite end of the moral spectrum. Now, these opposing forces are prepped for war, and Azreal has deemed Collin a fitting instructor of the next generation of Cardiovores! He gladly accepts and is placed as the Teacher of the advanced placement class deemed "Rising Suns." Collin quickly discovers that his youngest son, a Namuh himself by the name of Saul, is a member of the class and they quickly become close friends! Within the next few months, Collin discovers he has 15 other wives and 11 children in total (3 of which intend to kill Collin over the lack of his presence in their lives!)! Now, Collin must deal with, not only his 3 spiteful children, but all of his wives' jealous ex-husbands, his resurrected father, the brother he never knew he had, several demonic figures known as the "Hexinity," and even Salvation, his second oldest relative who is almost an exact look-alike of him! This should be a fun school year... [End of Event Preview]
[Personality] Collin is the genetic son of Death of the 4 Horsemen and the Ynetcoil (The prototype sentient beings predating time itself) woman known as Lilith. As such, he is a Death angel in his own right and a skilled user of Untained (as in, no zombies or magic) Necromancy. He is also what is known as a "Regalthrope," a combination of the 5 lycanthropic diseases present in the Cindin universe. This has effected his physical appearance immensely, causing him to develop tusks, slit eyes, claws, and wildly spiked hair! As the Namuh, he has been heavily exposed to the truth and has developed the insanity that comes with it, as well as over 30 personas (think the class change system from various RPGs, but at random) each with slight personality variations! But, on a general level, Collin is a youthful, yet wise and intelligent, handsome man skilled in combat of the physical, mental, and spiritual fields. Since the beliefs of Christianity in Cindolintoe are common place and proven, he can't be called "religious," but he does hold his duties to prophecy in the highest regard. He is obviously an adamant polygamist, but he treats all of his wives as equal and juggles quality time with his (let's say "loving") children with ease, not to mention students and friends.
As far as his normal personality goes, Collin is generally kind and compassionate (if a bit childish at times), but sarcastic and rude to those he considers idiotic or unworthy of kindness. It's not like he has a long fuse, but insults don't bother him as much as it would others. But if he is attacked, or a member of his family or friends is attacked, mistreated, or insulted, you can almost guarantee bloodshed, if not death. Collin loves to play video-games, watch anime, and read manga in his free time, but an opportunity to spend time with friends or family is never passed up, especially a chance to grow closer to his children or wives.
Collin believes that all races and both genders, despite capabilities and history, have various skills and traits that (when combined) equal every other individual. Collin is also an adamant member of the art community, and his favorite muse is usually nature or his family.
Collin's fighting style revolves around the use of "the Book of Babylon," an ancient tome possessing all the knowledge of the ancient and advanced empire of Babylon that only he is capable of deciphering. He can literally pull the weapons from the book itself and can immediately switch between weapons as he desires.
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