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No longer part of World Train. He decided to go back to his homeworld.

Name: Terrin
Age: 25
Height: 6’3
Creature: Satyr-Faun Mix



Terrin was born on Earth; however, he comes from the time of the Roman Empire and shares traits with stayrs and fauns as described in mythology. His mother was a faun, and his father was a satyr. His race would, as described in mythology, either strike fear into travelers or guide those who were lost. However, they have some traits similar to the satyr in the aspect that they love women and often pursue nymphs. His race generally avoided water, as it was hard for them to swim and often spirits or angry nymphs that lived in the water would try to drown them, or at least, let them out of the water just as they are about to drown.

Terrin would only confront humans if they were trespassing on his territory or if they were hunters. He despised hunters and would destroy their camps and scare them if he had the chance. During his free time he would chase nymphs or wrestle with other stayrs, often enjoying wine before or after. He was very fond of playing the pipe and his music had a calming effect on those who could hear it and often set them in a trance much like day-dreaming. However, his flute also had other effects as well. Once in a trance, he could cause someone to hallucinate while in their dream-like state and scare them away.

When a human woman would enter the woods, often he would try to woo her, and he was much gentler with the human female as he was fascinated by them and admired their mortal beauty. He never did have a true relationship of any kind. His interactions with this women were usually short, but he did enjoy every minute of it.

His diet consisted of very little meat. He didn’t like to hunt, due to his hatred towards hunters, and he rarely fished due to the fact he was afraid of water and feared the water sprites that lurked under the surface. He mainly ate nuts, berries, and other miscellaneous food that he found in the woods. Unlike other satyrs, he didn’t like to steal food from traveling humans, as he didn’t see it as honorable.


When he was young, he had been sparring with another satyr, not paying attention to his surroundings. While they were in mid-fight, arrows shot by them, and they saw several hunters emerging from the undergrowth and began a pursuit. The other satyr managed to escape them, but they still chased Terrin. They eventually chased him to a ledge leading to a river below. Desperate to escape the hunters, he decided to swim across the river despite the fact that there was a good chance a river sprite would try to come after him.

He then tried to swim back to shore, but he wasn’t used to swimming, so he was slow and awkward in his strokes. Soon he felt tendrils wrapping around his ankles and he began to panic, knowing he was about to be pulled down to the bottom. He sped up his pace, frantic and terrified. Then the tendrils tightened and he was under the water. He struggled against the grasp and tried to escape. After a minute or so, he was on the verge of sucking in water out of need for air. However, this sprite was not out to kill him, only scare him. The sprite then let him go at the last possible moment and Terrin broke the surface coughing and shaking. He made it to the other side of the river and ran off on trembling legs far away from the river.
Eventually he made it to the Alps and lived in the foot-hills where he soon settled in. Humans rarely made their way into this part of the land, except for an occasional merchant or farmer. He didn’t interact with other fauns as much as he previously did, as he had left the area where they were most populated. He did befriend a few stayrs, but they weren’t as social as his previous friends.

For the next several years, Terrin mainly kept to himself, until one day, when he was 18; a young girl had gotten lost and somehow made it to his territory. At first, he was going to scare her away, not because he wanted to scare her, but she was heading in the direction of a very aggressive satyr. However, when observing her from afar, he noticed that she was injured and was searching for help. If it had been a man, he would have left the human to die, but due to his natural urges he approached the girl, who was frightened at the sight of him.

He took out his pipes and played one of his hypnotic tunes to calm her down, and soon the girl became calm and fell asleep. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that she had scrapes along the left side of her body and that her ankle was badly bruised. It was common to find in the foothills a place where the ground got very steep and you could easily lose your footing, so he assumed that is what happened to the girl. He cleaned up her injuries and lay her down in soft grass and waited for her to wake up.
When she woke, she saw Terrin sitting beside her making a crown of flowers, which he had just finished when she saw it. He looked over to the girl, placed the crown on her head and asked how she managed to get lost so far away from home. The girl explained that she had run away from her home because her parents were forcing her to wed a man who was a great deal older than she was. This wasn’t an uncommon thing to occur in the time, and he listened to more of her story. He found out the girl was 16, and that her name was Ofelia.

Pitying the girl, he offered to take care of her until her injuries healed. During the time he cared for her, he began to grow an attachment to Ofelia that he hadn’t felt before. She had made him open up and share his stories and feelings, and she shared hers with him. When the girl was healthy again, he was hesitant on letting her leave. He wanted her to stay with him, and he felt a protectiveness over her, and didn’t want her to get hurt again.

Ofelia declined his offer to stay with him, and only asked if he could escort her to the nearest village. He did as she asked and brought her to a small farm town. She told him that she would meet him at the end of every week so that he could be confident that she would be alright. For several years, they met at the end of each week and he listened to the stories she had to tell. It took him a long time to realize that he had feelings for Ofelia, but he knew that it would never work out, as several years later she was wed to the son of a farmer.

Finding the world train:

When he was 25, Ofelia went into his territory before they were supposed to meet. She came to warn him that there were men coming to kill him because somehow her husband found out about their meetings. When she was standing before him, he could sense something different about her aura. That there were two auras, not just one. He then knew that she was carrying the child of her husband, though he knew neither of them knew it. He felt angry that she had been taken away from him and that now he was going to be driven away, most likely never to meet again. So before he left her, he gave her a kiss and then fled. He knew that the men wouldn’t stop until he was found, and he prayed that he would find somewhere safe. However, at one point he lost his footing and slid down the side of the hill and tumbled into a field, when he got up he saw a giant vessel that he had never seen before in all his life. The doors opened up and something beckoned him inside. He heard the calls of the men getting closer to him, so he stepped inside and the vessel lurched forward, leaving the field behind.

Terrin’s Bio (long-story short)

So I know some of us don’t like to read giant bios, so here’s an extremely abrieviated version of the bio, however, you’ll understand what Terrin’s like more clearly if you read the actual bio.

He is a satyr/faun hybrid that was born in during Roman Empire. He was chased by some hunters when he was little and that cause him to re-locate and become less social with others. Then he met the girl named Ofelia in the forest and she was injured. He nursed her back to health, fell in love with her, but she didn’t share the feelings. She then married a farmer, but still visited Terrin every other week so he could be sure she was doing ok. But then her husband found out about their meetings and sent men into the woods to kill Terrin, so Ofelia told him to run away so he wouldn’t get killed. So he ran away, but he slipped down the hillside and landed next to the world train. Since the men were so close, he jumped inside, and hoped that this machine would take him somewhere safe.


With Girls:

Upon introduction, he will use very cheesy complements to spark a reaction out of them. This is his way of evaluating someone’s personality quickly, and he will adjust how he interacts with them depending on how they react to this. The more he speaks with her, the more he will treat her with respect and hold legitimate conversations.

Basically he’s a huge flirt

With Guys:

When he first comes across a guy, he will start off with a teasing insult to provoke a reaction out of them, for the same reason as previously mentioned. He will size them up and adjust how he interacts with them depending on if he sees them as a threat. He has a very “alpha-male” type personality, and will show this is he doesn’t find them threatening. However, with guys that appear to be stronger or more aggressive than him, he will less often insult them and will be more passive with his actions. He has a higher level of distrust with guys, and it takes longer for him to get along with them.


He is a very curious person and will talk to people who thinks can give him knowledge, or if he is interested in the person themselves. He develops respect for people very quickly, depending on his interactions with them. Once he establishes a strong bond with someone, he will become very protective of them and will treat them with great respect. However, he also will tease his friends, because he knows what will bother them, and what they will roll their eyes at.

He can very aggressive, but only if he is provoked. He only fights if he sees it’s necessary, or if he is sparring. He can also be very foolish and rash in his decisions, partially due to his kind’s natural tendencies. He also “trades” with people. If someone provides information to him, he will give the same amount back. He is also very careful about inquiring about people’s lives, and will back off immediately if he finds what he has asked about has upset the person.

He has a strong sense of pride and respect, and only genuinely insults people if he dislikes them or if their actions bother him. He also gives people nick-names shortly after meeting them. This can either be a sign of respect, or him teasing the person. People who he likes will have nick-names based off of their personalities or a shortened version of their names, those who he likes to tease, are called by a characteristic or trait that he likes to make fun of. With people he hates, he will often just use their names, or a nick-name that they despise. This was a common thing to do among satyrs, and it was a way to show you standing with someone.


Women, playing pranks, playing his flute/pipes, teasing people, being in the woods/forest, wine, small gathering of people


Water, sprites and spirits, tall/heavily built people, crowds, cities, hunters, being inside for too long, hunting, rude and/or aggressive people


His pan flute:

It has the power to calm people down, and sometimes bring them to sleep
It also can put people in a dream-like state where he can manipulate what they see. He can cause them to hallucinate to scare them. However, he rarely uses this, and only uses this if he is desperate to defeat an enemy.

He can sense emotions/auras very well
Due to his goat-based legs, he is very fast and his muscular build allows him to be strong in regular combat
If he is able, he will head-butt an enemy because his horns continue underneath his skin to make his forehead hard and absorb impact.
He is skilled at maneuvering through thick vegetation, and hiding in it. He is also good as tracking animals.
His senses are very keen, but not overly so


He is a very poor swimmer
He can be very foolish and rash at times and which causes him to make poor decisions
He has no defense against being cut or countering spells

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