Supreme Commander Thora 'Marumee 2nd Revision Picture

Franchise: Halo

Faction: The Covenant (former), UNSC, Trident of Revelation

Age: 57

Rank: Supreme Commander

Height: 7.6ft

Flagship: Undeniable Vengeance, a heavily armoured and modified Covenant CAS- Class Supercarrier fitted with heavy fuel rod batteries, Heavy Needler Cannons, Plasma Batteries and a Glassing Cannon only used if a whole world is doomed. If he is not aboard Undenaible Vengeance, he will sometimes be on the UNSC Hallelujah.

Fleet: The Fleet of Unstoppable Carnage, a fleet composed of both Human and Covenant Ships, each one has a specific role in Trident of Revelation.

Species: Sangheili

Birthplace: Marum,Sanghellios

Job: Leader of Trident of Revelation (T.O.R)

Nicknames/Titles: The Dark Arbiter Slayer (after killing the Dark Arbiter), Destroyer of Ten Worlds, Leader of T.O.R, Heretic by Choice, Master (By his most loyal friends and allies), SP (Abbreviation for Supreme, by Humans), Boss-Man (By Humans),The Peacekeeper (Disciple title), The Fist of Justice

Service Tag: TOR

Gender: Male

Vehicles: The 'Riptide' Banshee, Rider Seat of Warthog, Fleet of Unstoppable Carnage, Revenant

Voice: Similar to Thel 'Vadam from the original Halo Series except a bit deeper and somewhat more human like.

Eye Colour: Orange Reptillian eyes

Skin Colour; Dark and Black, Scaly texture due to being a Sanghelli

Scars/Damage/Markings: Mark of Shame for committing heresy, small burn on his left shoulder from an Energy Sword.

Enemies: The Dark Ascendants, Covenant, Covenant Remnants, Insurrectionists, Office of Naval Intelligence, Turok Nar Mdama, The Dreadlords Alliance, The Jiralhanae Remnants

Status: Alive and Healthy on duty


'Slow Demise': A Modified, Customized Energy Sword with thorns protruding from the sides and Golden Markings that has served him well ever since he created it.

'Smite of Marum': Another Modified Customized Energy Sword with a Shielded hilt and a crystal embedded in the hilt. Purple Markings. Has also served him well ever since.

'Trusty' Assault Rifle: A Modified, Customized Human MA37 Assault Rifle taken from a heretic he killed before his heresy. Has a Symbol of a Trident indicating it's service with T.O.R, Seven thorns protruding from the top of the rifle. A Laser Designator mounted below the muzzle of the rifle. A red reptillian eye marking on the front of the gun, a blue screened Battle Rifle scope, red flames all over, a grappling hook mounted on the bottom, some writing saying 'Trusty'

Two Standard issue Energy Daggers mounted on his wrist armour plates

'Trident of Revelation': A custom-made Trident modeled after Poseidon's Trident from Greek mythology. Fires beams of lightning and Focus rifle plasma

Standard issue Plasma Rifle

'Burning Needles' : A customized, modded Needle Rifle that when fired, burns the victims armour and skin. His Second most used weapon.

'Dangerous but Necessary'- A Fuel Rod Gun Thora uses for anti-vehicle combat.


Helmet: Field Marshal
Chest: Field Marshal
Shoulders: Field Marshal
Gauntlet: Right:'Dragonic Gauntlet' (Made by a great ancestor of his lineage), Left: Ranger
Leg:Field Marshal
Feet: Field Marshal (with talons)
Primary Colour: Gold, made from Unknown Covenant Material
Secondary Colour: Purple, Made from unkown Covenant Material

Specialization: Commando, lead his own Commando squad in the Covenant before the rank of Supreme Commander, most of the team though, at the time of the Covenant's destruction, became enemies to T.O.R. He is also skilled enough in Sword dueling, though not the most skilled, he dual wields his swords. Headshots, Rifleman, Driver. His battle is similar to Optimus Prime in the Transformers films, rioting and raging.

Powers: Not Dying, his will to live and not die proves very effective in battle, this power he shares with the SPARTAN II Super soldier The Gambler.

Dark Wings, a Dark Ascendant ability which gives the user flight capabilities using very tough wings that cannot easily be broken. From tricking Turok into giving him power.

Dark Blasts, another Dark Ascendant ability that allows firing beams or blasts of Darkness from hands. From tricking Turok into giving Thora power.

Lightning, a Dark Ascendant power that acts in the exact same way as Force Lighting from Star Wars, too much exertion can lead to a weaker body structure, which is why Thora only uses these powers when necessary. From tricking Turok.

Personality: The lone Badass Leader of T.O.R who believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings, he is a good heartened, friendly and the sort of guy you would think of as a good Grandfather or Father, but determined to win and if you annoy him, he will not hesitate to kill you. His experience in war has taught him that all beings, no matter their species can fight and win in the fight, he will stop at nothing to make sure the Galaxy is safe from anhihaltion or worse. If he has just faced a great ordeal, such as a betrayal of a clan member, he will look out to the stars with a speech. He would gladly sacrifice his own life to ensure the safety of others. The Poster boy for all that is good and righteous.

Likes: Good heartened people, Clan members, dinner parties, parties, Wine, Steak cooked medium, Beating his enemies against all odds, his Assault Rifle, any species willing to work with him.

Dislikes: Evil, Insults against himself and his friends, being beaten, his enemies

Spoken Languages: Fluent Sanghellian, Fluent English, Learning Spanish


"The trees of our greatness were planted from the seeds of strength."

"Say your prayers, Covenant, I'm coming for you!"

"It is hard to escape me, but impossible to escape my Trident of Revelation!"

"Trusty Assault Rifle"-When getting a kill with his assault rifle.

"When night falls, my Trident shall be Revealed!"

"When I know what I'm doing, I fight well, when I don't, I fight well."

"Heresy is not wrong, it is the difference between sin and right, you may call me a deluded soul, but really, if you follow the Covenant you are the ones that are mislead in your quest for an empty promise."

"In this Universe there is good and evil, but the line between can be almost impossible to find, does one deed for good make a hero? Is a villain forged from a simple mistake? In the End, answers never come easy, it's supposed to be simple, but it is not."

"In this Universe, there are two sides to every story, there is an equal, and an opposite, good, and evil, for every hero, a villain, light and dark, and for every victory...defeat."

"If it takes my death, so be it, you will never defeat the Covenant!"-Prior to Great Schism

The Badass Leader of T.O.R Revisioned in Game!
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