HH: Kang 'Minnie' Minhyung Picture

Name: 강민경 Kang MinKyung (He usually goes by Min, or Minnie)
Age: 17
Birthdate: October 3
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5' 11"
Grade: 3rd Year
Class: Mythology
Club: Drama
Sport: Track


. Idealist . Friendly . Loyal . Flirt . Spontaneous . Gullible .

Depending on your tolerance level, MinKyung can be either be the best and most entertaining company to have or the most irritating person on the planet, or perhaps an odd mix of the two, which isn't so uncommon. He's very open and friendly with everyone he meets, sometimes even loud and obnoxious. He can be, however, impulsive and may do or say something he’ll regret later.

Whatever view one may have of him, Minnie is unarguably one of the most loyal friends one can have. He always has an open ear and plenty of advice to give (mostly deriving from all the shoujo mangas he's read). He's slightly melodramatic, but this benefits him in standing up for others.
Because he's extremely honest, he has a naive view that everyone else is as well. Gullible to a fault.


Minnie was raised in a privileged house full of women, save a father whom often travels on his business trips. With three older sisters and an affable step-mother who works for a popular women's magazine, it stands to reason that these ladies have nurtured MinKyung into a sensible young man whom enjoys girlish things like cooking, fashion, knitting, etc.

He realizes the lack of masculinity he might portray, but it seems like he doesn't care for MinKyung is a major "flirt"---at least that's what it appears to be. He views all women as Princesses of the Earth, which may or may not offend some girls with the way he lets them know this. Sometimes, when he's feeling more bubbly than usual on a Spring morning, he'll go out of his way to carry around a tote of roses from his garden to hand out to these maidens. We're not sure where his boundaries lay.

MinKyung idolizes, but has a fragile relationship with his father due to issues he never speaks about, and will ignore and sulk over if mentioned. He often finds resolve by running, a major factor in him joining the track team. When it comes to his own problems: he runs and hopes it doesn‘t catch up to him.

And everything is made brighter with a Clementine. At least for Min. Why? That’s a secret.

Girls, girls, girls If you didn’t catch that.
Clemintines They hold a special memory in his heart
Shojous Thanks to his sisters, he’s hooked.
Knitting/Crochet He can make you a lovely pair of socks!
Classical Music
Playing with other people‘s hair And maybe giving it a trim > v >
Collecting Seashells He treasures them, an entire room dedicated to his collection back home.

Hospitals He has a bad connotation to it
Baking For whatever reason, he's awful at it. (But he has a horrible habit of using salt when the recipe calls for sugar… Ahem.)
Cheap Hair Conditioners Nothing’s worse than split ends!
Cats Perhaps more fittingly, they dislike him
Drinking He’s a bad drunk and incredibly lightweight.

Additional Info:
+ Korean and European
+ His father is CEO of a Korean Drug Store franchise
+ Remarried when Min was 5
+ Step-Mother manages a Women's Fashion and Health Magazine
+ His three older sisters (all biological) work as an acclaimed Wedding Planner, Makeup Artist, and Hairdresser
+ Though he‘s privileged, he doesn’t like feeling lazy or idle.
+ During school breaks he'll pick whatever job he can find just to be occupied
+ Sometimes you might catch him daydreaming on the rooftop with a bushel of clementines
+ He has an awful sense of direction, prone to getting lost.

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