Gatekeeper Designs - Wards Picture

Since I introduced a new major character, I figured I'd best to designing their family as well, mostly so I could get a feel for them. This does help me figure out their family sometimes as I'm drawing them, with their little quirks and whatnot.

This is the Ward family, so named because it's an English last name meaning 'guard, watchman', just like Porter is an English last name meaning 'gate keeper'.

First we have Julianna Ward. I swear, I have so many people in this story named after Julia Porter, it's sort of ridiculous. And yes, she is in fact named after Julia Porter, mostly so Prophie and Persey would have mothers with similar names. She comes from a high class background, drawn to her husband for unknown reasons. She expects her life to be the same as it was growing up, and expects her children to have 'class'. She can seem bipolar at times, harsh and unyielding at times, and then turns around and is your best friend. She tries to be friendly, but she's just too selfish for it to work. That doesn't mean that she's not a good mother or anything, or that she isn't friendly; she just gets annoyed when things don't go her way.

Next we have Prophie's father, Craig. Craig is actually a bit of a bear of a man, tall and broad, and acts like a teddy bear. He's sort of a go with the flow sort of person, giving in to his wife more often than not provided she let him do whatever he wants. He's an aviator, which means he works on the airships that defines Solenia. He's the captain of the Albatross, in fact, and is a damn good aviator. he lets his children get away with as much as they can, and is happy that both his son and daughter are following in his footsteps. He's also a Watcher, but he cares little for the position, preferring his job as captain, of course.

On the bottom we have Prophie's older brother, Flynn. Flynn was actually supposed to be her younger brother, but I like the name too much, and her older brother has more of a part, so I switched them. Flynn is basically Will's parallel, and tends to be over protective of his little sister, despite the fact that she's quite capable of taking care of herself. Naturally, being Will's parallel, he's followng in his father's footsteps, and is training to become a aviator captain as well. I wasn't entirely sure if I could draw his hair properly, since it's described as being in a fake Mohawk, but I think I managed nicely. I like it, at least.

Next we have Prophie's twelve year old brother, Emmett. Emmett wants desperately to be a dapper young gentleman, going so far as to refuse to wear his earring because jewelry on men is 'uncouth'. He's a pain in Prophie's neck, espeically since she's far from a 'proper' young lady, and Emmett thinks that's appalling, really, and takes every chance he gets to point it out. I wouldn't say that, despite how much they nag on each other, they really love each other, since they kind of don't. They avoid each other for the most part, but sometimes they're forced to interact.

The last one isn't actually a Ward, but she's still an important part of the family. Alexandra is Prophie's best friend since she was ten, and pretty much Cassandra's parallel. In fact, I gave her the name because another name for Cassandra in mythology is Alexandra. (And there's no Roman counterpart for the goddess Astraia, so I went with the Roman counterpart of a goddess Astraia is associated with, that being Justitia. Somehow I got Justinia out of it, shut up.) Being Cassie's parallel means that Alexi (I couldn't call her Alex because Cassie's brother, interestingly, is Alex, although I didn't realize it at the time. But it works out with the parallel, since both Persey and Prophie have similar nicknames, so Cassie and Alexi should as well) grew up dirt poor and orphaned at a young age. The Wards took her in recently after Prophie learned of her blight, and she acts as a servant to them because of her station in life. She's a little bitter, and really rough around the edges, but she's ferociously loyal to Prophie, as well as in love with her. >.>

So yeah, the Ward family, because I need family design pictures for all the profiled people.
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