Doctor Nohite Picture

Name: Ian Nohite

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 172 Lbs

Race: Human

Birthday: December 23

Occupation: Controversial Surgeon

Sexuality: N/A

Likes: amputation, patients, patients being "happy", hacksaws, surgery, biology, animals, suturing, stitches, "successful" procedures

Dislikes: Not having patients, when people get very verbally and physically upset at him over his work

Personality: Devious, sinister, maniacal, plotting, energetic, excitable, prideful, dedicated, determined


Not much is known about the mischievous Doctor Ian Nohite or his past, aside from that he must of had extensive training and expertise in performing cosmetic and surgical operations with the speed and unrealistic skill he can perform them. However, what he uses his skills for is what makes him very controversial and downright evil by some peoples' standards.

When people come to him with a nasty burn on the left side of their face, or when someone broke a bone in their foot, what does he do? He slices off that half of the face and replaces it with a new one, and amputates the leg and substitutes it with a horse's! Whatever the problem is, he'll just replace that body part with a "fresh" new one! Regardless of whomever or whatever it belonged to, he can make it work, even if the patient would rather it not.

As mentioned, he performs his horrific operations with inhuman speed, literally tearing his patients apart and putting them back together in five seconds flat. Witnesses mentioned that the man works so fast that it's impossible to see what tools he uses, or even so much his movement in general. It's just a blur of motion and dust, and when it's all over, the Doctor is standing there grinning from ear to ear, while a now horrified individual gazes at how he pieced them back together.

The even worst part about him is that his prices are CHEAP! Operations that would be thousands cost only a few ten dollar bills with him. If only he wasn't so cruel in his ways! Yes, he helps people, and even in some cases brings them back from the brink of death. But for what price? A few bills and 95% of their original human form. In true cartoon fashion, most would only turn to this man, because the plot demands it!

Be wary when you can't find a place to meet your medical needs. Because chances are, he'll know of it somehow, and he'll be there to offer his assistance. He will find you, and whether you want his help or not, he WILL help you in the most bodily horrific ways you can imagine! Think of him as Franken Fran's bastard uncle, who PURPOSELY does scary things to his patients as he strives to heal those in need.


He appeared to me in a dream I had yesterday morning, May 15. I had already awaken when my alarm clock went off, but decided to doze off. I must have dozed off enough that I had the dream. His bio pretty much suggests everything I got from the one minute clip I saw of the "show" he was in, before I woke myself up from bed to get ready for the day. The worst part? The "preview" showed that he was getting ready to perform a MAJOR operation on a young woman, one which involved taking numerous animal body parts - both normal and mythological - and attaching them to her body. I did catch a glimpse of a girl who's face had been half replaced by another woman's (don't ask me where he gets his spare parts, as even I do not know). He had a very Loony Toons sort of feel to him, in regards to how he operated (read: does it off-screen really fast), and his character and the setting in general felt rather cartoonish and energetic.

It was such a fun and weird concept! I just had to draw him out! Not sure where he'll fit in. Might just linger between universes, or maybe indeed have a whole "show" based around his shenanigans, or perhaps be a minor "villain" in my main story or something. We shall see! ^^

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