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I will be frank: though I grew up with science fiction films and games, as far as fandoms go (save StarFox), I'm a bit new to the genre. The reason for that is because my areas of fictional expertise lie in mythologies and historical fiction, thus why Tales of the Ba'tala, Devil's Eye, The Angel Servant, and BAGA all take place in the past with thematic emphasis on spiritual/magical fantasy. I've attempted sci-fi before (and even founded Sci-Fi-OCs ), but in the end, the genre's conventions all have come to intimidate me. This is mostly due to how fandoms tend to react to certain works of fiction and how the science works, regardless if the story is "hard sci-fi" or "soft". That was years ago, though. Nowadays, my creative skin has toughened towards baseless and misdirected/misunderstood criticism (such as giving hard science criticism to a soft science story).

Right now, I'm brainstorming on what kind of aesthetic I want for Anaka. Do I want a cyberpunk look? Retro-futuristic? iPod-punk? I do know I want bright, vibrant colors mixed with some of the brown-ish grunge. A lot of the costume aesthetics will be inspired by Chinese and Indian patterns. Also, I need better tattoos.


Thousands of years into the future, Earth is facing devastating overpopulation and needs to get some people off the planet in order for its natural resources to replenish. Space colonies are formed with goals for terraforming on other planets, but efforts are always slowed due to ethics and resources. Nevertheless, attempts were made on moons and other worlds, but at times things happen that set these colonies centuries behind due to unforeseen circumstances. Eventually, colonies would venture even further out to space. One particular colony, AVES, large enough to house an entire country, was not able to establish terraforming on its assigned moon. Return to Earth was not an option due to politics and population, and similar red tapes have prevented this colony from entering established terraformed planetary territories. As AVES was made to be inhabited for generations, the leaders of the colony decided to aim for the next galaxy, hoping to find a planet to call its own. Until then, AVES would provide for its society until a permanent home can be made.

Some centuries before the story proper, AVES's mining ships have not settled on any moon or asteroid long enough to gather resources to replenish the colony's resources without something happening to them. Just like Earth in the beginning of time, the colony is at risk of overpopulation; what's worse is that it is running out of ships to simply send people out without necessarily putting them in a death sentence in space. Government measures were made to keep the population at bay while keeping the numbers stable enough to keep the colony running; this included birth policies, male-female quotas, and mandated age limits before death or exile is enforced. Even with good intentions, suppression on values and rights for the people in the name of survival have given rise to tension within the colony. In spite of the authorities' best efforts in keeping the population under control, there is a growing disastisfaction towards the leaders of AVES, with political factions forming and different viewpoints on how the colony should be run, as well as what direction the colony should go for permanent terraforming.

One day, a man is having visions of what he called "New Earth", a planet only some lightyears away with everything suitable for human habitation, including atmosphere and biosphere. At first he was dismissed as a lunatic, but when he began displaying powers of telepathy, attributing this new power to dying beings who were giving this New Earth as a gift to humanity, the colony accepted him and began preparing the way to New Earth. The man, however, was unable to figure out the exact location, and he died before coordinates could be determined. When a little gynoid girl named Anaka started having visions and her own powers of telepathy, AVES began pursuing her, thinking she could have the coordinates. Unlike the man from before, Anaka was far less cooperative, and she spends much of her time escaping AVES' authorities. No one knows why at this point, but AVES' population is desperate for a new home--so desperate, the Governor-General(s) has sent armies to comb the colony for her. Despite the fact that the colony is only as big as a small country and enclosed to prevent escape, Anaka has managed to elude the Governor-General for generations.

Flash forward to the story's time. All of the mining ships have been destroyed. Doomsday cults have formed, while there are others that practically worship Anaka. Android manufacturing has been stopped, and even cybernetic development has halted. A terrorist group have broken into a cloning factory that has been shut down years ago, though the beings who were being cloned were simply stored rather than rid of completely. The thugs, grateful they don't have to sacrifice their own numbers in order to slaughter supporters of the Governor-General, decided to steal the clones, reprogram their cybernetics, and make them essentially their slaves. After a battle within the Adarna Sector, Anaka comes out of hiding long enough to take notice of one particular fallen cyborg. She reprograms him on the spot, then wakes him up, ordering him to protect her while she travels between the Sectors of the colony, with her own plans with AVES and New Earth.

That cyborg is Jan Bastos, our protagonist.


Admittedly, a lot of the ideas I currently have were taken from scrapped concepts for TalesofOkasan and my discarded Wild Cards story (the one with my birds). The space colony AVES follows a bird theme as a result, with many sectors named after mythological birds or avian-like figures (alongside Adarna, there is also Garuda, Zhuque, and Phoenix, for instance). Thus, I plan for Diane and Imalie (renamed Dima and Imani al'Salma for Anaka), now humans, to feature in the story as important characters. Dima is AVES' current Governor-General with Imani as her lieutenant.

Feel free to point out holes in the story, because I want to make the setting strong enough to avoid plotholes.

Anaka is © Salathiel Silva.
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