Ever lore: chapter 10 Picture

here is chapter 10 , enjoy

Chapter 10

I stared at the top of a tree. there was a young boy in the tree he looked about my age 14. He had spiky hair which looked like it had been blown back stuck in place by the wind. I wonder if they have gel in Ever lore. Back to the story he had fairly big muscles and he looked hungry. I hope there isn’t cannibals in Ever lore. He was staring at us with his piercing blue eyes. He switched his gaze over to Payge. He made a strange noise that sounds like a signal. All around we heard what sounded like thunder Boom, Boom, Boom. The whole ground was shaking the trees were rattling it was something big it was coming. I saw a blur in the distance . Was beige and brown and that’s I could make out. Payge was staring at the strange boy ‘What’s your name!?’ Payge yelled at the boy. He looked at her quite strangely and the noise around us got louder. He opened his mouth and said ‘I am Hunter.’ The noise got so loud I couldn’t hear anything. I turned around to see what the noise was but all I saw were to huge hands moving so fast I could barley see them and they were right in front of me. They scooped me up from off the ground and slammed me over it’s shoulder. I tried to break free but I couldn’t. My heart was pounding. I stared at my friends as they shrank and became a group of blurs. I stared at my kidnapper he was definitely not human. At first thought he was a horse but when I struggled to turn my head I saw were the horse’s head should be was a man waist up.He was a centaur a creature of Greek mythology the were mostly friendly. This guy looked friendly but he looked at me as if I had just robbed a bank.
He was carrying me to a small camp but it was far away. Now what im about to tell you may seem stupid, but I was curious. I astral projected to were my friends and hunter were. I saw Payge she was floating in mid air with wind spiralling around her arms. She looked furious. ‘WHERE IS MIKE!’ she yelled at Hunter. A smile crept along Hunter face. ‘Centaur and the others are having him for dinner unless he confesses.’ he said in a smirk. Payge eyes turned white. Wind was surrounding her like tornado was forming around her and it was. She opened her mouth and screamed ‘confess to what.’ ‘To attacking our camp and our villages.’Hunter said. Payge confused. ‘He never did anything, we are in this world by mistake. We were travelling to Ever dark to dethrone and banish Slythame. Hunter looking ashamed ‘we got to get to camp before Centaur or he is dinner.
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