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Yes, I know it's rubbish that I haven't uploaded anything in ages, and now I'm uploading this bit that'll I'll probably move to scraps later, but it's the best I've got for right now.

1. Gorillaz. Not only do I adore their music, but also the artwork that accompanies it.
2. Doctor Who. My PASSION. I've seen every episode at least once.
3. Tim Burton. Genius director. My favourite of his is Big Fish.
4. Peacocks. Not only gorgeous, but also my spirit animal.
5. Stan Lee. My hero. I want to be him someday.
6. FFVII: Advent Children. The most beautifully animated movie I've ever seen.
7. Facial Hair. I am massively attracted to males with it, and therefore often draw men with it.
8. The Dear Hunter. Fantastically layered music that tells a wonderfully engaging story.
9. Suits. I love drawing men in suits. Or anything dapper for that matter.
10. People with Wrinkles. I love faces that tell a story.
11. Eyes. The only way I can tell people apart.
12. Crows. I've been fascinated by them since I was little.
13. Silhouettes. Gorgeously simple.
14. Firefly. The greatest show to only last 1 season.
15. Portugal. the Man. Great music. Amazing album art.
16. Trees. I love how knotted and twisted and perfectly impossible to draw they can be.
17. Mythology. I find stories from any culture insanely interesting.
18. Vintage Cameras. I have a massive collection
19. Film Noir. I love the sort of nostalgia feeling I get from watching it.
20.Space. Let's point out how perfectly hipster I am. It's the most beautiful thing in all of creation.
21. Pokemon. Duh.
22. Lilacs. Beautiful. Remind me of my mother.
23. Blood. Because I can't escape the macabre that lives inside of me.
24. Klimt. I love the richness of his works.
25. Pin Up Art. Ultimate glamour.
26. Mme. Kupka Among Verticals. I can't really explain why I love this painting so much. The colours make me feel at home.
27. Leather. As much as I am against killing cows, there is an undeniable appeal to leather.
28. Tarot. I want to be a fortune teller so bad it's killing me.
29. Tattoo art. When tastefully done, tattoos can be astounding.
30. Eastern Cultures. Just... everything. Ugh.
31. Glenn Miller. My jams.
32. Henna Art. I love how intricate and traditional henna looks.
33. Weather and the Seasons. Nature is incredible.
34. Androgynous Men and Women. Sort of mysteriously beautiful. Ethereal almost.
35. Labyrinth. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this movie.
36. Organized crime. There's a certain allure to doing whatever you want.
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