Specky's Art influence 2.0 Picture

I first made my influence map years ago and it was inspired by other dA artists. But I realized that I didn't really ever describe me and it was more of a fan declaration of love than anything. So here's really what makes Specky, Specky.

Right, so explanation from right to left;
Books. I mean, my headboard to my bed is a bookshelf, I have a mini book shelf, and two large bookshelves. Kind of obvious.

Films. I have so many favorite films that it's hard to put them all here. But they certainly influence me a lot. I tend to do paintings after them or get inspired to write or sometimes poetry even.

Sherlock Holmes. I found my first serious relationship because of the books and shows, It sparked my love for murder mystery, and it's something my Grandpa and I love so much.

Music. I am always listening to music constantly. Which includes drawing.
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