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Well... I've been bored so I sat down one night and doodled, and out came an entire story-plot. o-O.

Its kind of a fantasy story, set in a land called Casmus, where there are 5 regions. Each region is represented by a color, and its inhabitants wear jewels and accessories of that color. Unkouos is purple, Arneus is yellow, Oseria is green, Yomano is black and Tathan the capital region is gold. Each region has 4-5 cities. There is also an island off the coast of Casmus called Helian, which accepts everyone and anyone to live there. There is only one city, Deligo, and it is very small. The people there don't have or do much, but it is more peaceful than the mainland.

These characters above have banded together in unconventional ways to fight a rebel group that plans to overthrow all governments and replace it with an iron fist dictatorship.

Above from left to right are:
Taranis, Neith, Seth, Zephyros, and Evander.

Taranis (or Tara for short) is prince of the land, since his father and mother are the rulers. Since Tathan is populated by elves, he is one as well. His father has him accompany the heroes in order to "fulfill duties as prince as well as gain experience". He wants nothing more than to go home to his luxurious life. He is from Dagya, capital city of Tathan. His skill is his diplomacy and he can also use a crossbow.

Neith is a young Oserian, and is thus part cat like her people. She is very sociable for her age, and meets our heroes when she finds them passed out along Oserian borders while she is taking a walk. She is from Searta, Oseria, which is a city that borders both Tathan and Unkouos. She is very skilled at healing, and can use both magic and home-made remedies.

Seth is Neith's overprotective older brother. He joins the party when his sister brings home two sick travelers that she has promised to join on their adventure. He is also from Searta, Oseria. He has a horrible temper, and can snap at anyone and everyone. His talents are in more of the brute force style, since he is one of the best fighters in his town.

Zephyros (or Zeyph for short) is an indifferent young man from Elysia, Unkouos. He became a wanderer when his parents were mysteriously killed and was travelling the forests of Coctyus, Unkouos when he met an obnoxious Helian who promised him riches if he joined him as an adventurer. He is extremely skilled in magic, and mastered very many techniques at a young age.

lastly, Evander (or Evan for short) is an ambitious man from Deligo, Helian that left home in search for adventure. He can be kind of dense at times, but has a good heart and wishes to find his place in life by helping people. His parents died when he was young so he moved from his birthplace (Remuo, Arneus) to Helian to live with his retired grandparents. He is a very skilled swordfighter, and got the scar on his face from a match when he was young.

ALSO, Not mentioned here but relevent are the BAD GUYS:

There are two minor bad guys and three major. The two minors are Aella and Lugas. The three majors are Zerteus, Iza and Nami.

Aella is Zeyph's overbearing older sister who is convinced her little brother has been kidnapped by the "bad guys" aka the party. Her lover/bestfriend/sidekick is Lugas, who is from Morga, Tathan. She is pretty stoic but follows Aella's crazy antics and helps her out in any way she can. The one thing she refuses to do is go against Taranis, since he is prince of her land, and also since it is a common rule among elves that you must follow orders/respect anyone with larger ears than you. Those of noble blood have larger ears than commoners. Lugas has smaller ears than Taranis's HUGE ones, so she has to follow his orders.

Zerteus is the main bad guy, and is Zeyph and Aella's oldest brother. He is an enigma, and left home at a young age. He is still trying to get his "darling brother" Zeyph to join him and his two twin ninja assistants, Iza and Nami.

OTL sorry for long comment.... I bet no one really cares I just wanted to have this information down somewhere lol. The names of the characters and places were taken (very vaguely) from random mythologies. Some are easy to guess and some are very hard xD if you wanna try guessing, lemme know! Or if you just wanna know also lemme know
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