12th Doctor Who Picture

Age: younger thousand years

Color Eyes: lavender

Color Hair: red

Hairstyle: short and boyish

Height: six feet

Sex: male

Sexuality: straight

Species: Lord Time

Home Planet: Gallifrey

Incarnations: Twelfth

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Personal: great age, wisdom, seriousness, darkness, compassion, and pacifist

Personality: geeky, independent, rebellious, loving, wise, secretive, communicative, studious, determined, moody, and depressed

Personally: rebel, runaway, geek, wise warrior, friend, TARDIS driver, last younger lord time, linguist, traveler, last survivor, techno wizard, hero, and sign language interpreter

Romance with champion: Macy Hazelwood

Languages: five billion languages

Religion: New Age and Spirituality

Likes: Macy, science fiction, time travel, international travel, adventures with Macy, science, geography, history, sign languages, British culture, world peace, space, stars, the Earth, mythology, humanity, tattoos, spirituality, new age things, planets, aliens, animals, technology, and music

Has: tattoos, immortality, languages, sign languages, British accent, friendship with Macy, relationship with Macy, regrets for Gallifrey is destroyed after the war, family, spirituality, new age inner, sonic screwdriver, technology skills, technology stuff, scientist skills, scientist stuff, TARDIS key, and British pop culture things

Tattoos: United Kingdom flag, “hope” Japanese word, and Celtic knots on left arm; Gallifreyan symbols, Anahata, and TARDIS with spiral galaxy space background on right arm; badass-themed time clock on his back; Cthulhu with water splashes background on left calf; Hercules plays a punk guitar and Celtic knots on right calf; Roman numeral twelve/twelfth on right wrist; “Macy” on hot pink heart on chest; hanged man the tarot card on right side; Ophiuchus on left side; Saint Matthias on left wrist

Piercings: ears, right eyebrow, and lower lip

Music Bands: The Bealtes, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Sex Pistol, The Clash, Oasis, Queen, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Coldplay, Muse, The Police, The Stone Roses, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Madness, Pink Floyd, and Wire

Champion: Macy Hazelwood


First Doctor: great-great-grandfather

Second Doctor: great-grandfather

Third Doctor: grandfather

Fourth Doctor: father

Fifth Doctor: uncle

Sixth Doctor: uncle

Seventh Doctor: uncle

Eighth Doctor: cousin

Ninth Doctor: cousin

Tenth Doctor: older brother

Eleventh Doctor: middle brother

War Doctor: forefather

Dear Doctor Who fans and creators, I don't mean I steal and/or disagree with your ideas about "new" Doctor Who has set as 12th character. I just have illustrated this fictional 12th Doctor Who in only my fantasy culture as well as an artist and Doctor Who fan, just like all of you. I don't mind if you can watch new Doctor Who and use your own 12th Doctor Who in new tv show on BBC. Please don't judge my artwork. Thank you.

12th Doctor Who and Macy Hazelwood (c) Me
Doctor Who characters (c) BBC
Purple space galaxy background (c) illustration art background

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